Russian Charged With Laundering Ransomware Proceeds in Crypto Pleads Guilty in US

A Russian national accused of processing cryptocurrency payments from ransomware attacks has pleaded guilty to Read More →

The CFPB Proposes New Credit Card Late Fee Limits

By John ReVeal On February 1, 2023, the CFPB proposed new rules to reduce the Read More →

“MetaBirkin” NFT Maker Liable in TM Dispute

By Terrance D. Roberts On February 8, 2023, a Manhattan federal jury found Mason Rothschild Read More →

Pariplay® launches Skillzzgaming content with BetMGM in United States for the first time

One of the leading aggregators and content providers, Pariplay, has partnered up with the leading Read More →

Fanatics Partner up With Amelco for new launch, awaiting Massachusetts sport betting license tomorrow

The soon-to-launch Fanatics online sports betting platform will be supported by Amelco, an international sports Read More →

US Bankruptcy Court Rules Celsius Deposits Belong to the Firm

A New York bankruptcy court has ruled the deposits on high-interest-earning accounts belong to Celsius, Read More →

Alaska Will Require Licensing for Crypto Money Transmitters

By Jeremy M. McLaughlin and Brenden R. Chainey On November 30, Alaska amended its money Read More →

CFTC Ordered to Serve Former Founders in Ooki DAO Case

By Andrew M. Hinkes, Clifford C. Histed, Carly E. Howard, Cheryl L. Isaac, Maxwell J. Read More →

Senator Lummis Still Trusts Bitcoin For Retirement

The pro-cryptocurrency senator is unmoved by the continuing “crypto winter” or by the proposals from Read More →

California Legislators Continue To Assess How To Regulate Digital Assets

By Jeremy McLaughlin and Josh Durham For the fifth time since June 2022, California Senators Read More →

Federal Reserve Doubles Down on Oversight of Crypto Activities for Banks

By Grant F. Butler, Jeremy McLaughlin, Anthony R.G. Nolan, and Judie Rinearson The Federal Reserve Read More →

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