DeepMind AI Hunts Down the DNA Mutations Behind Genetic Disease

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Agility’s New Factory Can Crank Out 10,000 Humanoid Robots a Year

Simple robots have long been a manufacturing staple, but more advanced robots—think Boston Dynamics’ Atlas—have Read More →

Party Drug MDMA Inches Closer to Breakthrough Approval for PTSD

MDMA doesn’t have the best reputation. Known as “ecstasy” or “molly,” the drug is synonymous Read More →

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Newly Discovered Spirals of Brain Activity May Help Explain Cognition

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Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Gains Momentum With a Big New Closed-Loop System

Shifting to battery-powered vehicles is an essential step in tackling climate change, but it’s also Read More →

The Most Advanced Embryo Models Yet Mimic the First Two Weeks of Human Development

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What OpenAI Really WantsSteven Levy | Wired“For Altman and his company, ChatGPT and GPT-4 are Read More →

Amid Energy Price Spike, 86% of New Renewable Electricity Was Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels Last Year

Renewable power was already rapidly replacing fossil fuels as the cheapest source of electricity. Thanks Read More →

Watch Generative AI Design a Customized Protein in Seconds

In late 2020, AI pioneer DeepMind achieved a breakthrough 50 years in the making. By Read More →

This Hybrid Solar Truck Can Go Over 6,000 Miles a Year on Pure Sunshine

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How Will We Know If AI Is Conscious? Neuroscientists Now Have a Checklist

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High-Speed AI Drone Beats World-Champion Racers for the First TimeBenj Edwards | Ars Technica“On Wednesday, Read More →

Sahara Space Rock 4.5 Billion Years Old Upends Assumptions About the Early Solar System

In May 2020, some unusual rocks containing distinctive greenish crystals were found in the Erg Read More →

In a New Biology-Electronics Crossover, Scientists Used Electricity to Produce the Chemical Fuel of Cells

The cells of all living organisms are powered by the same chemical fuel: adenosine triphosphate Read More →

AI Is Turbo-Charging the Search for Electric Vehicle Battery Metals

As the world works to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, we’ll extract Read More →

Scientists Unveil the First Complete Sequence of the Y Chromosome

After over two decades, the human genome sequence is finally complete. The holdout? The Y Read More →

New Codes Could Accelerate the Advent of Practical Quantum Computing

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for quantum computers is their tendency to be error-prone Read More →

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IBM’s Brain-Inspired Analog Chip Aims to Make AI More Sustainable

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This 3D-Printed House Goes Up in 2 Days and Costs the Same as a Car

3D printing is becoming more popular as a construction method, with multiple companies building entire Read More →