Simple STM32 Frequency Meter Handles Up To 30MHz With Ease

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Building a Woodworking Lathe From Scratch

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Getting Geared Up For Home Powder Coating

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DIY Repair Brings an X-Ray Microscope Back Into Focus

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Bare Bones Vacuum Forming, Just Add Plastic Plates

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Agreeing by Disagreeing

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Making Things Square in Three Dimensions

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Phone Thermal Cameras Get Open Source Desktop Tools

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Dentist Tool Hardware Inspires Non-Slip Probe Tips

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Thermal Camera Reviewed

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Zippy Plastic Welding

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An Open-Source 4-Shaft Portable Loom

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OScope Advert from 1987 Rocks It

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Kerfmeter Measures Laser Cutter Kerf Allowances on the Fly

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Shake Your PCB Etching, With An Old Optical Drive

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Radio Waves Bring the Heat With This Microwave-Powered Forge

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Hackathon Wire EDM Build Really Works

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3D-Printed Shredder Eats Lettuce For Breakfast

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Laser and Webcam Team Up for Micron-Resolution Flatness Measurements

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