In 2024, education will build systems that champion the science of reading

Key points: A focus on strengthening literacy through the science of reading will continue into the new year See also: 4 simple ways to put the science of reading into practice See also: Using tech to teach emerging readers high frequency words For more news on literacy, visit eSN’s Innovative Teaching page Driven in part by Mississippi’s success in improving

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5 positive ways students can use AI

Key points: Don’t fight AI–learn to embrace it for teaching and learning Using AI will help quell fears about how it could harm education See related article: Navigating generative AI: Promoting academic integrity For more news on AI in education, see eSN’s Digital Learning page You’ve heard all the news about kids using ChatGPT to cheat, but there’s another side

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Guiding culturally responsive teaching in today’s classrooms

Key points: Equity is a widely-used term in education today. However, talking about equity is not the same as taking action to create more equitable learning environments that benefit today’s students. For equity to truly exist, educators need to be more culturally responsive in their teaching. This is a major focus of our teacher certification program at City University of

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With Critical Race Theory spurring debate, is there hope for diversity in schools?

Key points: The greatest social justice movements teach us that progress isn’t linear, but is rather dynamic. This means that progress doesn’t transpire overnight. It doesn’t transpire instantaneously with one motion or action, but is the product of concerted efforts compounding to create change. This also means that in the midst of fighting for what is right, resistance sometimes hidden

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6 benefits of immersive learning with the metaverse

The metaverse is a tool that blends experiences typically associated with either the virtual or physical worlds. It can deliver greater immersive learning for students while also creating some new and exciting teaching opportunities. For educators, it is crucial to not only understand what the metaverse is and its uses within education but to also realize the benefits of immersive

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I’m a first-year teacher. How do I become successful in the classroom?

This story was originally published by Chalkbeat. Sign up for their newsletters at ckbe.at/newsletters. This is my first year as a teacher and I’m teaching sixth grade, so both my students and I are new to the school. I’m wondering if you have any advice for how to make students feel welcome in a new building? — I’m New Here Dear I’m

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