OlyBet Group To Host First-Ever WSOP Tournament In Tallinn After Partnering With World Series Of Poker

Yesterday, July 2nd, it was revealed that OlyBet Group, a famous brand of Olympic Entertainment Group AS (OEG), has signed a beneficial agreement with the World Series of Poker to bring the ultimate poker experience to Northern European poker fans, meaning it will host the WSOP Circuit Tournament in September in the Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Hotel. WSOP

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Creating food from agricultural and wood sidestreams? Estonian startup ÄIO lands €1 million to make it happen

Tallinn-based ÄIO has just secured €1 million to create alternative oils and fats, that are edible, developed from agricultural and wood industry sidestreams, and make for a more sustainable food system.  Our current food system needs to change. It’s simply no longer sustainable to continue eating the way to do, cultivating food the way to do and perceiving food the

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5 Interesting European locations for digital nomads and remote work

Remote work is here to stay, as more and more people and companies are starting to see the bright side of it. While many dream of working from a tropical beach or cosy mountain cabin, urbanites crave the sound, the movement and the people. Many professionals looking to work remotely are betting on Europe and its lesser-known cities.  To help

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Selfies for skincare | Interview with Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO and Co-founder, Haut.AI

How often do you find yourself wondering if a certain skincare product is right for you? For most people, especially those with sensitive skin, choosing a skincare product is a challenge that often results in trial and error, repeatedly going through skincare samples until they arrive at a skincare routine that works. This is not for lack of skincare products,

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Enjoy 2 Bonus Games in Gamzix’s New Slot: Dogs and Tails

Gamzix, a leading slot provider based in Tallinn, Estonia, has released a cute slot full of sweetness for players to start this new year in the sweetest way possible. The slot is titled, Dogs and Tails and is equipped with 243 fixed paylines. Fluffy Visual: True to its title, the main theme of the game are pets, more specifically cats

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