Philippe Germain on Building a Profitable Real Estate Portfolio

Building an effective real estate portfolio as a new investor can be a challenging journey. For this reason, one of the most well-respected investors in professional circles – Philippe Germain has decided to give you his best advice on how to proceed and build a sustainable business. Philippe Germain’s Advice on Real Estate Investing Real estate investing can be an

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Fxview Triumphs as “Best Global Broker” at UF AWARDS Global 2023

Fxview has been recognised as the “Best Global Broker” by UF AWARDS Global. This prestigious award recognises Fxview’s outstanding contributions to online trading and fintech, and it was bestowed by the event’s organisers, Ultimate Fintech, after a reliable vote. The fact that Fxview has won this award shows how dedicated the company is to quality and innovation. Outstanding Success Throughout

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UF AWARDS Global 2023 Winners Revealed

The industry’s elite were on full display on Thursday evening with the highly anticipated UF AWARDS Global 2023 ceremony making a noteworthy splash. All the top brands across multiple industry verticals within fintech and financial services were vying for the distinguished honours. Following over a month of tight voting and nominations from their industry peers, only the finest emerged victorious.

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A Pioneering Approach to Tackling Inclusivity in Executive Leadership

In the constantly shifting domain of technology, the necessity for advocates who champion inclusivity and equality in leadership roles cannot be overstated. At the heart of this arena is Sahana Mukherjee, the driving force behind ‘Unveiled: Bridging the Gap to Sponsorship.’ Rooted in a deep comprehension of human resources and a commitment to translating the concept of ‘sponsorship’ into action,

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Bondstream™ receives Prestigious Nomination for the 2023 Go Global Awards.

Tallinn, Estonia – Bondstream™ is proud to announce its nomination for the esteemed 2023 Go Global Awards, hosted by the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. The disruptive Estonian B2B fintech allows for daily reconciliation of investments and associated impact on fees in real-time. Bondstream™ fills the gap between CRM systems, excel, and Bloomberg, by managing channel relationships and essential product information

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Start Your Own Digital Neo Bank with UltimaBanq

If you’re looking to start your own bank or payment institution, then UltimaBanq is exactly what you need. This all-one-one banking software is perfect for Digital Banks, Neo Banks, Electronic Money Institutions, Crypto Banks, and anyone else looking to manage client accounts and transactions. UltimaBanq White-Label You can brand UltimaBanq as your own. You can create a unique brand identity

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