10 exciting early-stage startups from Lithuania to look out for in 2023!

A Baltic nation making fame for itself in Europe’s startup ecosystem, Lithuania is an exciting place to be for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors alike. Home to fairytale-esque forests, the magnificent historical old town of Vilnius, and ample opportunity for adventure, it’s a place that inspires inspiration and creativity.  Lithuania’s startup ecosystem has been thriving in recent years, with impressive growth

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10 super promising startups from Croatia to watch in 2023!

Nestled at the crossroads of central and southeast Europe, Croatia is a country made famous for its crystal waters, beautiful architecture, and rich cultural history. The Balkan state joined the European Union in 2013 and has developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit in recent years. The diverse nation has a lot to offer to visitors – aside from stunning nature, heritage

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10 super exciting Cyprus-based startups to watch in 2023!

Cyprus is an idyllic island located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea. Its strategic location has made it a hub for trade and commerce between Europe, Africa, and Asia. The island is blessed with a rich history and a diverse culture, which is now creating a thriving innovation space. In recent years, Cyprus has emerged as an up-and-coming player

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10 super promising Swiss startups to watch in 2023 and beyond!

Not only is Switzerland home to postcard-perfect landscapes and an incredibly high standard of living, (and that’s not to mention the chocolate and cheese), but it’s also an exciting place for innovation and startups. Switzerland’s financial reputation is highly regarded around the world and it’s a nation that holds stable when times are rough. At the same time, it holds

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10 super exciting startups from Malta to watch in 2023!

Magical Malta is famous for its stunning landscapes, warm climate and rich cultural heritage. The archipelago is used as the backdrop for major film productions and is also home to some of the oldest temples in the world. Malta might be the smallest EU member state but it’s mighty. It’s an ever-more popular tourist destination and cradles what has made

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10 brilliant Belgian startups to watch in 2023!

Belgium is one of Europe’s most well-established hubs of business, innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s a country that has garnered a reputation for itself as a home for economic success and is, of course, the centre of the European Union. According to the European Commission’s European Innovation Scoreboard, Belgium is a brilliant place for innovation – ranking number 5 for innovation

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10 super promising Czech startups to keep an eye on in 2023!

The Czech startup ecosystem has been maturing over the past few years, benefiting from a solid infrastructure, a highly educated skilled workforce, and a relatively low cost of living. Thanks to its geography, it’s often seen as a ‘gateway’ to other European hubs like Berlin and Vienna as well as hosting a solid presence of innovation hubs, incubators and accelerators.

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10 super exciting Danish startups to watch in 2023!

Danish design and development are world-famous. It’s also home to the world’s most liveable city – Copenhagen – and home to some of the happiest people. In many ways, innovation and fresh thinking are part of the Danish DNA and the nation is made up of a blend of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and an educated talent pool that is generating

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10 fantastic Finland-based startups to watch in 2023!

Not only is Finland one of the happiest countries in the world, but it’s also a thriving hub of innovation and tech development. The Nordic nation stands out for many reasons – it has a super high quality of life, beautiful landscapes and plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities. Finnish air is famously some of the cleanest in the world and it

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10 incredible Icelandic startups to watch in 2023!

Iceland’s startup ecosystem is exploding! A nation of ice and fire, Iceland is also rapidly becoming known for its fresh approach to innovation and exciting entrepreneurial stories. It’s a country where resilience is part of the culture, just as much as relishing the beautiful moments when they come, like the astounding Northern Lights – and perhaps this delicate balance between

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10 Skyrocketing Swedish startups to watch in 2023!

Sweden, besides gracing the world with IKEA and ABBA, is also a country bringing fresh, forward-thinking innovation to global markets.  Benefiting from a blessed marriage of quality education and large investments, Swedish R&D efforts are continuously on the hub and the country is a European key hub for innovation and startup traction. It also counts on a committed government that

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Top 10 Super-promising startups from Luxembourg to follow in 2023

Editor’s Note: This post has been created in collaboration and with financial support from Startup Luxembourg. If you’re also interested in partnering with us, just reach out. Nestled in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg might just be Europe’s most international cosmopolitan country – making it an ideal place for startups. Home to a globally-minded and multilingual population, an impressive digital infrastructure, and

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10 super promising startups from the Netherlands to watch in 2023!

A nation where tradition and innovation cooperate and coexist, the Netherlands is quickly becoming an attractive hub for innovative startups. The small country benefits from favourable legislation and taxation for new companies, efficient cooperation between the private and public sectors, an impressive number of incubators and accelerators, and the right support from universities. It all works in combination to make

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