Why Google and Bing’s Embrace of Generative AI Could Upend the SEO Industry

Google, Microsoft, and others boast that generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT will make searching Read More →

Grief Tech Uses AI to Give You (and Your Loved Ones) Digital Immortality

Generative AI has found a host of uses since it exploded into the public consciousness Read More →

How Swarming Animals Can Help Humans and AI Make Better Decisions

The word swarm often carries negative connotations—think biblical plagues of locusts or high streets full Read More →

China’s blockchain agenda marches on – without tokens

Claude Huang contributed to this story. China is racing ahead with blockchain-related projects in a Read More →

Yat Siu argues that crypto’s wild side still matters

Since last year’s scandalous meltdown in the crypto industry (FTX etc), the focus for financial Read More →

Did Life Evolve More Than Once? Researchers Are Closing In on an Answer

From its humble origin(s), life has infected the entire planet with endless beautiful forms. The Read More →

Femtech | Maaike Steinebach | VOX Ep. 60

Maaike Steinebach is founder of Femtech Futures, a Hong Kong-based venture investment firm supporting startups Read More →

Quantum Biology Could Revolutionize Our Understanding of How Life Works

Imagine using your cell phone to control the activity of your own cells to treat Read More →

Ten promising fintech startups make their pitch

DigFin heard 10 fintech pitches at an event organized by Accenture and Cyberport, the tech Read More →

A Note From Ray Kurzweil on the Recent Call to Pause Work on AI More Powerful Than GPT-4

Editor’s Note: The following is a brief letter from Ray Kurzweil, a director of engineering Read More →

Great transitions | Emmanuel Daniel | VOX 56

Emmanuel Daniel is author of “The Great Transition: The Personalization of Finance is Here”. He Read More →

New Survey Asks Americans How They Really Feel About Climate Change

Headlines about climate change have filled newsfeeds over the last few years, ranging from catastrophic Read More →

This Startup Wants to Inject Captured CO2 Straight Into Volcanic Rock in Kenya

From Iceland to Wyoming and Switzerland to Texas, carbon capture plants are under construction or Read More →

Just how personalized can finance become?

Emmanuel Daniel has something to say. Quite a few things. The founder of Singapore-based trade Read More →

AI Could Make More Work for Us, Instead of Simplifying Our Lives

There’s a common perception that artificial intelligence (AI) will help streamline our work. There are Read More →

Limitless: a look at the Fed’s mission creep

This past week’s bailout of depositors at Silicon Valley Bank will remain hotly debated, but Read More →

Startups, VCs will get money back from SVB. Now what?

Question Time for startups and venture-capital firms who banked with Silicon Valley Bank: it’s Monday Read More →

Scientists Just Revealed the Most Detailed Geological Model of Earth’s Past 100 Million Years

Earth’s surface is the “living skin” of our planet—it connects the physical, chemical, and biological Read More →

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