Amazon: ‘Digital euro accelerates innovation’

Amazon is convinced of the added value of the digital euro, which the European Central Read More →

indias xflow raises us10 2 million to enhance cross border payments

India’s XFlow Raises US$10.2 Million to Enhance Cross Border Payments

XFlow, a financial services and infrastructure company that simplifies the cross-border payments for businesses, has Read More →

episode six raises us48 million series c led by avenir

Episode Six Raises US$48 Million Series C Led by Avenir

Episode Six (E6), a global provider of payment processing and banking infrastructure, has secured a Read More →

aci worldwide partners red hat for next gen cloud payments offering

ACI Worldwide Partners Red Hat for Next-Gen Cloud Payments Offering

Real-time payments software provider ACI Worldwide has teamed up with Red Hat OpenShift to enable Read More →

can bnpl be part of a balanced financial strategy

Can BNPL Be Part of a Balanced Financial Strategy?

The rising popularity of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services among Millennials and Gen Zs Read More →

the latest developments in p2p payment platforms

The Latest Developments in P2P Payment Platforms

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platforms have completely changed how we conduct business by offering simple, practical, Read More →

the role of artificial intelligence in streamlining payment processes

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Streamlining Payment Processes

In a number of industries, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer, and payment systems Read More →

the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing payment systems

The Potential of Blockchain Technology in Revolutionizing Payment Systems

With its decentralized and transparent character, blockchain technology has emerged as a disruptive force in Read More →

revolut singapore users can now exchange and store 7 new currencies in the app

Revolut Singapore Users Can Now Exchange and Store 7 New Currencies in the App

Revolut, a global neobank with more than 28 million customers worldwide, announced that its Singapore Read More →

dtcpay officially opens new headquarters in singapore

dtcpay Officially Opens New Headquarters in Singapore

dtcpay, a payment company based on distributed ledger technology formerly known as Digital Treasures Center, Read More →

mastercard expands partnership with vesta to secure e commerce transactions

Mastercard Expands Partnership With Vesta to Secure E-Commerce Transactions

Mastercard has expanded its partnership with end-to-end payment fraud protection platform Vesta in a bid Read More →

the power of integration exploring payment solutions in social media platforms

The Power of Integration: Exploring Payment Solutions in Social Media Platforms

The way we interact, connect, and communicate with others has been completely transformed by social Read More →

The Latest Trends and Innovations in Loyalty and Reward Programs Tied to Payments

Businesses have traditionally used loyalty and reward programs to encourage consumer loyalty and encourage repeat Read More →

the evolving landscape of e commerce and its influence on payment methods

The Evolving Landscape of E-commerce and Its Influence on Payment Methods

The emergence of e-commerce has completely changed how we shop and transact business. The payment Read More →

the rise of contactless payments transforming consumer behavior in the digital age

The Rise of Contactless Payments: Transforming Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age

In recent years, contactless payments have emerged as a popular and convenient method of transaction. Read More →

paypal most popular online payment method in germany

PayPal most popular online payment method in Germany

Stay up to date Receive our latest news directly in your mailbox to stay up Read More →

exploring the latest developments in peer to peer payment platforms

Exploring the Latest Developments in Peer-to-Peer Payment Platforms

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platforms have completely changed how money is transferred because they allow for Read More →

moomoo singapore ties up with wise for cheaper convenient fund transfers

Moomoo Singapore Ties up With Wise for Cheaper, Convenient Fund Transfers

Moomoo Financial Singapore, an investment platform and wholly owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings, has partnered Read More →

the business case for implementing bitcoins lightning network

The Business Case For Implementing Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

This is an opinion editorial by Matt Maraia, a CPA focused on how changes to Read More →

mastercard unveils on chain id framework for web3 payments

Mastercard Unveils On-Chain ID Framework for Web3 Payments

Mastercard has partnered with Web3 players on an on-chain identity and verification framework, focusing on Read More →

dedollarization a yuan tale

Dedollarization: A Yuan Tale

Countries are starting to settle trade in local currencies rather than U.S. dollars, and warnings Read More →