Purposeful play helps kids learn–here’s how to integrate it

Key points: Teachers agree that learning through play is a more effective way for students to learn compared to more traditional approaches Students say their favorite times in the classroom are when they get to do hands-on activities and believe that play helps them learn See related article: How to integrate a computer science curriculum into K-5 classrooms For more

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5 positive ways students can use AI

Key points: Don’t fight AI–learn to embrace it for teaching and learning Using AI will help quell fears about how it could harm education See related article: Navigating generative AI: Promoting academic integrity For more news on AI in education, see eSN’s Digital Learning page You’ve heard all the news about kids using ChatGPT to cheat, but there’s another side

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Schools are key to solving mental health equity gaps

Stay up-to-date with the INNOVATIONSin K-12 Education Newsletter Sign Up Hidden Select the title describing your job function Hidden Where do you work? Hidden State Hidden Country Hidden Email Newsletters: Source: https://www.eschoolnews.com/sel/2023/10/05/schools-mental-health-equity-gaps/

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Roylco Secures “Best STEM Building Toy” in Best Building Toys for Kids, According to Experts

ANDERSON, S.C. ––  Roylco, a leading innovator in manufacturing educational kids’ toys, proudly announces its recent accolade as “Best STEM Building Toy” in Good Housekeeping’s expert-rating “16 Best Building Toys for Kids, According to Experts.” Good Housekeeping, a coveted source for all parents seeking quality children’s products, has turned to its in-house panel of experts to test and review hundreds

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I work with struggling readers–here’s what’s standing in their way

This story was originally published by Chalkbeat. Sign up for their newsletters at ckbe.at/newsletters.” I learned to love reading as a kid, spellbound by wizarding worlds and ghost stories. I wanted to share this love, so I became an intervention teacher, working with struggling readers and special education students.  Kids love reading. I don’t care what think pieces say about screen addiction, children

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New, Free Digital Experience Offers All Students Invaluable Career Readiness Opportunities

BOSTON, MA – Kids today do not feel adequately prepared to make informed, confident decisions about what they want to do after high school. Research shows that more than 65 percent of students feel they would have benefited from more career exploration in middle and high school. An additional study states that less than half of Gen Z respondents said they

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Action for Healthy Kids to Implement Healthy Meals Incentives Initiative

CHICAGO — Action for Healthy Kids has signed a cooperative agreement with the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to develop and implement the  Healthy Meals Incentives Initiative. To further enhance USDA’s ongoing support for the school meal programs, the initiative includes an allocation of $47 million for identifying and recognizing school districts that excel in providing healthy meals and

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5 Valentine’s Day videos for students

Valentine’s Day breaks up the winter doldrums and gives students a chance to create heart-shaped crafts and share candy or gifts with classmates. This year, give students some insight into the history behind the holiday. How did Valentine’s Day begin? Why do we celebrate it today? What IS love? And, most importantly: Which candy is your favorite? Here are five

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Sundial Collection is 2D Printed

We see a lot of clocks, and many of the better ones have some 3D printed elements to them. But [Carl Sabanski] shows us his kits for making sundials for either hemisphere using a conventional printer (you know, one that puts ink on paper), some styrofoam, and possibly some other materials like wire coat hangers, threaded rods, thumbtacks, glue, and

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35 edtech innovations we saw at FETC 2023

This year’s Future of Education Technology Conference landed in New Orleans, and the conference was abuzz with post-pandemic learning recovery tools, solutions to promote equity among students and parents, strategies for digital access, student mental health, social and emotional learning tools, and more. Here’s just a glimpse of what we learned about during FETC 2023: AVer Information Inc. USA, announced

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How to use Minecraft Education in your classroom

It’s easier than you think to begin using Minecraft Education in your classroom. During an FETC 2023 session, technology specialist Kristen Brooks from the Cherokee County School District offered an overview of how she engages her students with Minecraft Education. “When kids use Minecraft in the classroom, they’re so engrossed in what they’re doing that they forget they’re actually learning,”

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How to provide effective and engaging virtual therapy for kids

As was the case for so many other therapists working with children and families, March 2020 felt overwhelming in our center for child and family therapy. From seeing clients in-person all day in our client-centered, carefully designed therapy rooms equipped with all the therapeutic tools that a child therapist might need to engage a child in the hard work of

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Norwegian startup Chew snaps up Finnish competitor Carrot Kitchen to inspire a new generation of healthy eating

Aiming to inspire a love for healthy eating from a young age, Norwegian early-stage startup Chew has moved quickly to snap up Finnish player Carrot Kitchen. Chew is now planning to consolidate itself in the Nordic market before expanding.  It’s reported that the majority of kids don’t eat enough vegetables. In fact, ultra-processed foods seem to be the norm rather

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Learning needs joy and civility

Each year, we share our 10 most-read stories. Not surprisingly, many of this year’s Top 10 focused on innovative ways to engage students, digital resources, and online and hybrid learning strategies related to post-pandemic teaching. This year’s number 1 most-read story focuses on what’s missing from learning. This special edition of Innovations in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan, comes live

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