Neuromorphic Hardware Accelerator For Heterogeneous Many-Accelerator SoCs

A technical paper titled “SpikeHard: Efficiency-Driven Neuromorphic Hardware for Heterogeneous Systems-on-Chip” was published by researchers Read More →

Intel’s Meteor Lake chips are coming to desktops after all

The on/off saga of Meteor Lake for desktops has been settled once and for all. Read More →

Microsoft leak reveals new Xbox controller with an accelerometer and DualSense-style haptics

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Driving a Motor with an Audio Amp Chip

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When Does Impedance Matching a PCB Trace Become Unavoidable?

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Flexure PCB Actuators Made Before Your Very Eyes

When we see something from [Carl Bugeja], we expect to see flexible PCBs and magnets Read More →

A Mainframe Computer for the Modern Age

The era of mainframe computers and directly programming machines with switches is long past, but Read More →

Tiny Spheres Hiding in Your Display

Liquid crystal and Organic LED displays have revolutionized portable computing. They’re also made of glass. Read More →

Rokid Station Lets You Access Android TV Anywhere In AR

The device pairs with Rokid AR glasses to provide a portable entertainment experience. Earlier this Read More →

RFID Emulator + E-paper Badge Can be Programmed With Sound

In a way, an e-paper display makes an excellent foundation for a reprogrammable RFID card. Read More →

AC-DC Converter is Reliable, Safe, and Efficient

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MeArm 3.0: The Pocket-Sized Robot Arm

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Dentist Tool Hardware Inspires Non-Slip Probe Tips

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The True Cost Of Software Changes

Systems & Design OPINION Changes to software can impact the hardware. Concluding that hardware updates Read More →

A Volumetric Display with a Star Wars Look and Feel

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Kinefox Tracks Wildlife for a Lifetime

Radio trackers have become an important part of studying the movements of wildlife, but keeping Read More →

Recreating an Analog TV Test Pattern

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Bust Out That Old Analog Scope For Some Velociraster Fun!

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PCIe For Hackers: Extracting The Most

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PCIe For Hackers: The Diffpair Prelude

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