Going global with a solar system for rent | Interview with Mario Kohle, Founder and CEO of Enpal

Against the backdrop of the ongoing energy crisis, consumers are increasingly looking for alternative, eco-friendly electricity sources. It’s a backlash to rising energy prices, energy insecurity, and the awareness that we need to look for more sustainable options for the good of our planet. German startup, Enpal, has been tapping into a growing demand for solar power systems as Europe’s

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Digitising waste management to reach Net Zero: Interview with Felix Heinricy, Co-Founder of Resourcify

Resourcify is a pioneer in helping companies to digitise waste management and recycling. It’s platform gives companies end-to-end control and transparency of their waste management program and access to Resourcify’s network of independent recyclers. Thousands of companies like McDonald’s and Bosch are using Resourcify to help them transition into the circular economy. Founded in 2015, the startup is based in

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Berlin-based Trawa scores €2.4 million to fuel a sustainable energy transition

Cleantech startup Trawa has secured €2.4 million to fuel its vision of making sustainable energy procurement accessible to companies of all sizes. The Berlin-based startup now plans to scale.  The demand for renewable electricity is growing at a lightning pace. It’s a reflection of fresh commitments to cutting carbon emissions and also a need for businesses to cut costs. Whilst

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Berlin-based Beazy snaps up new funding to support the growing creative economy

Beazy, a startup aiming to build the operating system of the booming creative economy, has secured new funding. It takes the Berlin-based team’s total funding to €1 million as demand for creative content continues to grow. For companies and organisations across sectors, content has become incredibly important. There are now a number of companies helping fuel the creativity that underpins

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Munich-based tado° scoops up €43 million to make Europe more energy efficient

On track to scale into profitability in 2023, GreenTech startup tado° has just landed €43 million in new funding. The Munich-based team is helping consumers become more energy efficient with its smart thermostats and energy services and is reaching households across the continent. Whilst 2022 brought a number of challenges to European households, it laid clear the importance of becoming

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Balancing economics and the environment in the built environment | A conversation with Jens Thumm, Co-Founder and CEO, Predium

The built environment – from the materials used in construction to the use and maintenance of the buildings – contributes to almost 40% of global CO2 emissions. It is only right that sustainability and ESG should never be just buzzwords in the built environment ecosystem.  According to the European Building Stock Observatory, over 75% of buildings in the EU are

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Carbon removal through enhanced rock weathering: InPlanet closes €1.2 million to scale its vision

German-Brazilian startup InPlanet has identified a scalable way to tackle the climate crisis: Enhanced Rock Weathering. The GreenTech company has just closed €1.2 million in fresh investment to scale its solution in the tropics, aiming to create a carbon-zero future.  Removing carbon from unavoidable emissions is a key way to protect life on earth. While governments, businesses and organizations around

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Hamburg-based Circus raises €11 million to create a new era for food delivery services

German startup Circus has just raised €11 million in a new fundraising round. The team are aiming to tackle surmounting challenges in the food delivery space, making it more sustainable, more convenient and more affordable.  Food delivery has been one of the stand-out market areas in Europe’s startup community over recent years. The food delivery bubble grew at an incredibly

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Berlin-based Ostrom lands €9.3 million to help us use less electricity

Berlin-based Ostrom is closing the year with a fresh €9.3 million cash boost. The startup is on a mission to make transitioning to greener energy use more convenient and affordable.  At the beginning of 2022, we reported that Ostrom, a Berlin-born startup, had raised €4.4 million for its solution helping people switch to greener energy. Now, the startup has picked

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