Blue Origin Says It Can Make Solar Panels Out of Moon Dust

One of the biggest challenges for humanity as we move further out into the solar Read More →

Millwood Public Schools receives $116,000 from Paycom, benefitting marching band, music program

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Paycom Software Inc. (NYSE:PAYC),  a leading provider of HR software, gave $116,000 Read More →

Wind-Powered Cargo Ships Are the Future: Debunking 4 Myths That Stand in the Way of Cutting Emissions

Sailing cargo ships are making a genuine comeback. Japanese bulk carrier MOL is operating a Read More →

This Startup Is Making Ultra-Strong Building Panels Out of Grass

Construction is a major carbon emitter. The manufacture of cement alone accounts for eight percent Read More →

Shooting Moon Dust Into Space as a ‘Sunscreen’ for Earth Could Help Stop Climate Change

Geoengineering the planet to reverse the worst effects of climate change is a controversial idea Read More →

Back by Popular Demand: SHP Donates $10,000 to Students Across Ohio

Cincinnati – Architecture, interior design, and engineering firm SHP is awarding $1,000 scholarships to 10 Read More →

Maryland Wants to Be the First US State to Adopt a 4-Day Work Week

Last summer, the biggest four-day work week trial in the world kicked off in the Read More →

5 of the biggest education trends in 2023

With the start of a new year and education conference season just beginning, educators and Read More →

Technology Over the Long Run: Zoom Out to See How Dramatically the World Can Change Within a Lifetime

Technology can change the world in ways that are unimaginable, until they happen. Switching on Read More →

Join the revolution: The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing learning

The 4th Industrial Revolution is the current phase of rapid technological change. It is also Read More →

Deepfakes: Faces Created by AI Now Look More Real Than Genuine Photos

Even if you think you are good at analyzing faces, research shows many people cannot Read More →

How computer science education bridges the digital divide

Amid the havoc that the pandemic wreaked on our lives, there were important lessons to Read More →

How to use alternative assessments in the classroom

Did you know that a 5th grade teacher is expected to guide students to mastery Read More →

AI’s promising reality in classrooms

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be an ambiguous word in education circles, evoking images of machines Read More →

How edtech insights impact all parts of school operations


5 ways to create a stellar online elementary learning program

Each year, we share our 10 most-read stories. Not surprisingly, many of this year’s Top Read More →

Centre for innovation in XR technology opens in Portsmouth

The CCIXR is the UK’s first purpose-built facility to bring together a whole suite of Read More →

A new holographic reality for business

A range of holographic and mixed-reality technologies promise to meet the challenges that businesses are Read More →

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