University of Iowa Football Grad Assistant Pleads Guilty to Underage Gambling

Small bets The fallout continues from the investigation into sports betting by athletes at Iowa colleges. The latest: Owen O’Brien, a graduate assistant for the University of Iowa football team, has pleaded guilty to underage gambling. did not admit to gambling on specific events The state claims that O’Brien gambled at least $3,047, spread across more than 350 wagers. Of

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Unnamed Soccer Manager Avoids FA Ban After Breaching Betting Rules

Gambled nearly £1m The English Football Association (FA) has denied that it covered up an investigation involving an unnamed manager who breached its betting rules. The person known as Manager A – who can’t be named for legal reasons unconnected to the gambling issue – gambled nearly £1m ($1.2m), mainly on horseracing. 28 bets, however, were placed on his own

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Corpay Enters the Premier League with Aston Villa Football Club Partnership

To increase brand awareness and reach millions of sports enthusiasts worldwide, Corpay Cross-Border, a company specializing in business payments, has entered into a partnership with Aston Villa Football Club. This collaboration establishes Corpay as the club’s Official Commercial Foreign Exchange (FX) Partner, providing solutions for managing foreign exchange risks and streamlining global payments. Don’t miss London’s premier financial event! 3,500+

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The Odds of Becoming a Professional Female Footballer Revealed

World Cup has kickstarted interest in football As the Women’s Football World Cup has dominated our screens over the last month, more of us have been watching the female sport than ever before. Following the success of the England squad so far, Google Trends data has revealed that there’s been an 87% increase in people in the country looking to

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Win Your Fantasy Football League With This Draft Strategy

The hidden secret to fantasy football For many NFL fans around the country, drafting a fantasy football team is a mandatory precursor to the eventual kickoff of the 17-game season. There are all sorts of different strategies for drafting rosters, such as only taking the most valuable positions and later trading for other positions of need, going through each position

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NFL Wild Card Betting Odds Affected by Quarterback Injuries

NFL Wild Card disappointment? The NFL Super Wild Card round is set to get underway this weekend, but Sunday’s highly anticipated matchups might be duds. The three Sunday games include the Miami Dolphins at the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings, and Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals. The Dolphins-Bills and Ravens-Bengals games have spreads of 13 points and

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