Stockholm-based Klimato cooks up €4.2 million to reduce the climate impact of food

GreenTech startup, Klimato, has just secured €4.2 million to supercharge its mission to reduce the food industry’s carbon impact. The Swedish team now plans to ramp up its international expansion. The global food system accounts for about one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – making it one of the main contributors to climate change. As the green transition evolves,

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To infinity and beyond: 10 European spacetech startups shaping life on earth

For years, outer space exploration has captured our curiosity and imagination. But it’s remained very distant to most of us – one could only dream of being an astronaut or a scientist… Things have changed though, and quickly. In 2023, space technologies are rapidly evolving and there’s been an explosion of business opportunities here on Earth. Spacetech is the next

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10 super promising Swiss startups to watch in 2023 and beyond!

Not only is Switzerland home to postcard-perfect landscapes and an incredibly high standard of living, (and that’s not to mention the chocolate and cheese), but it’s also an exciting place for innovation and startups. Switzerland’s financial reputation is highly regarded around the world and it’s a nation that holds stable when times are rough. At the same time, it holds

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Creating food from agricultural and wood sidestreams? Estonian startup ÄIO lands €1 million to make it happen

Tallinn-based ÄIO has just secured €1 million to create alternative oils and fats, that are edible, developed from agricultural and wood industry sidestreams, and make for a more sustainable food system.  Our current food system needs to change. It’s simply no longer sustainable to continue eating the way to do, cultivating food the way to do and perceiving food the

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10 incredible Icelandic startups to watch in 2023!

Iceland’s startup ecosystem is exploding! A nation of ice and fire, Iceland is also rapidly becoming known for its fresh approach to innovation and exciting entrepreneurial stories. It’s a country where resilience is part of the culture, just as much as relishing the beautiful moments when they come, like the astounding Northern Lights – and perhaps this delicate balance between

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Sustainable chocolate brand Love Cocoa unwraps €4.8 million to push forward chocolate innovation

Sustainable chocolate brand, Love Cocoa, has just unwrapped €4.8 million to develop the next generation of chocolate innovation driven by ethical values. The London-based company was founded by the great-great-great grandson of the iconic Mr Cadbury and is now ready to expand.  Chocolate – the treat that delights around the world. However, the chocolate industry itself has garnered a less-than-delightful

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Norwegian startup Chew snaps up Finnish competitor Carrot Kitchen to inspire a new generation of healthy eating

Aiming to inspire a love for healthy eating from a young age, Norwegian early-stage startup Chew has moved quickly to snap up Finnish player Carrot Kitchen. Chew is now planning to consolidate itself in the Nordic market before expanding.  It’s reported that the majority of kids don’t eat enough vegetables. In fact, ultra-processed foods seem to be the norm rather

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Austrian startup Arkeon picks up €2.75 million for its sustainable protein solution

Arkeon, a startup creating sustainable proteins through carbon capture, has raised a €2.75 million investment from ICL Planet Startup Hub. The Austrian startup is taking a pioneering approach to sustainable food production, is a startup we recently highlighted as one to watch, and is planning to scale.  The reality of food insecurity has been laid clear. Put simply, we cannot

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Hamburg-based Circus raises €11 million to create a new era for food delivery services

German startup Circus has just raised €11 million in a new fundraising round. The team are aiming to tackle surmounting challenges in the food delivery space, making it more sustainable, more convenient and more affordable.  Food delivery has been one of the stand-out market areas in Europe’s startup community over recent years. The food delivery bubble grew at an incredibly

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UK-based foodtech startup Clean Food Group gets collaborative backing for its sustainable palm oil alternative from Doehler

UK-based Clean Food Group is on a mission to clean up society’s unhealthy and unsustainable palm oil habits. The startup has got backing from Doehler Ventures through a collaboration agreement that will help scale up the foodtech’s sustainable alternative. Palm oil is an ingredient found in a shockingly high number of food products, and the… This content is for members

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