How StanChart is embedding itself in Asia’s e-commerce

A consumer bank might think of embedded finance as a means to insert its licensed activities into someone else’s consumer-facing business. The bank knows that in the digital world, people don’t want to ‘go to the bank’. The customer, if it’s a person, wants to purchase something, or if they’re a small business, they want to be able to sell

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Toward Connected Finance

This post grew out of watching demos at Finovate Fall 2023, in New York. Given that 2023 is the year of AI, it was no surprise that AI played some role in most of the demos and many of the panels.  The main essence I noticed in the demos was their focus on applications that connect to banks to supplement their

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The Evolution of Embedded Finance

The concept of embedded finance is driving a huge revolution in the financial services industry. The seamless integration of financial services into non-financial applications and platforms is referred to as embedded finance. This paradigm shift has the ability to alter our relationship with money, payments, and financial products. Don’t miss London’s premier financial event! 3,500+ attendees, 150+ speakers, and 120+

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The dawn of real-time bank transactions is here

In today’s fast-paced payment landscape, evolving industry standards, regulatory requirements, and heightened customer expectations are driving banks towards rapid transformation. Consumers and businesses alike desire instantaneous, frictionless payment options that align with their preferences and are available anytime, even on weekends or holidays. While digital payments are proliferating across the globe, Asia Pacific has been a leader for some time:

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Malaysia’s new players want open-banking models

Now that Malaysia is incubating five digital-only banks, there is a new impetus to push for open-banking business models. But progress will remain limited, if it happens at all. Bank Negara Malaysia, the central bank, has no requirement around data sharing. The incumbent banks are not going to open their data troves to third parties. This is not what Malaysian

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Fintech Basics: What is Embedded Finance?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the way we interact with financial services is undergoing a profound transformation. Traditional banking and payment systems are being disrupted by a new paradigm known as “embedded finance.” But exactly what is it? Embedded Finance represents a shift in the world of financial services, heralding a new era of ubiquitous finance. This intersection between

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Singapore’s FSI Sector Eyes Significant Investments in ESG, Embedded Finance and Defi

In Singapore, c-suite and senior finance executives are planning to invest significantly in embedded finance, environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks, and blockchain-related innovations in 2023, confident that these technologies will create new growth opportunities and provide them with an edge over competitors, a new study by Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), an international provider of financial services technology and

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