Digital Assets for 1 Billion Rubles Issued in Russia in a Month

Platforms authorized by the Russian government issued digital assets worth around a billion rubles in April, the local press reported. The spike in the volume has been attributed to Russian companies experimenting with new financial instruments amid limited access to traditional capital. Russia’s Digital Assets Market Livens Up as Capital Markets Dry Up for Russian Businesses Seven placements of digital

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Digital Gold Traded for Digital Rubles by Russia’s Rosbank

Rosbank has brokered Russia’s first deal involving the exchange of tokenized gold with the digital version of the Russian national fiat currency, the ruble. The successful transaction demonstrates the growing interest in digital financial assets and the need for digital ruble payments, the banking institution stated. Rosbank and Atomyze Exchange Gold and Rubles in Digital Form Moscow-headquartered Rosbank has facilitated

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Gold-Based Digital Assets Issued in Russia

A blockchain platform built by Russia’s largest banking institution, Sber, has been used to issue digital assets based on gold. The value of the tokenized precious metal will depend on the prices of physical gold, the bank said, emphasizing that the operation is a first. Russia’s Sber Bank Mints Gold-Backed Coins Sber, Russia’s largest bank, has reported issuing gold-based digital

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Bank Of Russia Opposes International Trade Crypto Investment

The Russian government does not want to make Bitcoin available to the general population of Russia but rather intends to reserve its use for international business transactions. Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of Russia’s Central Bank, said that the institution is prepared to evaluate the possibility of legalizing cryptocurrency usage inside the nation, but only as part of a legal experiment.

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Russia’s Largest Digital Asset Deal Denominated in Chinese Yuan

A Russian company has announced the country’s first authorized transaction with digital financial assets (DFAs) involving a foreign currency, China’s yuan. The deal, reportedly the largest made to date under the current Russian DFA law, covers the issuance of tokens secured by commercial debt. Digital Financial Assets for 58 Million Yuan Issued by Russian Platform A licensed firm has finalized

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