The Neobanking Revolution in 2024

The year 2024 stands as a landmark in the financial services landscape, marked in part by an expectation of continued growth in neobanking. Referring to a new breed of financial institution, these digital-first organizations are redefining the traditional banking model, catering to the modern demands for rapid, efficient, and personalized financial services by operating solely in the digital space.  The

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Digital Banking Trends to Look for Heading into 2024

Banking and financial services are undergoing tremendous transformations as a result of technological breakthroughs, changing customer demands, and expanding regulatory frameworks. As we get closer to 2024, it’s critical to keep an eye on the developing trends that are transforming the digital banking industry. Don’t miss London’s premier financial event! 3,500+ attendees, 150+ speakers, and 120+ exhibitors await you for

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Africa Has Hardly Scratched The Surface Of Digital Banking And Contactless Payments

The uptake of digital banking and contactless payments has varied across African nations on the post-pandemic road to economic recovery. While a number of countries in the region experience a high degree of digital banking adoption, others have fallen behind due to limited digital penetration and traditional banking infrastructure. Despite challenging barriers withholding African nations from adopting more advanced digital

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Revolut Suffers Another Valuation Hit as Molten Ventures Cuts Stake by 40%

Revolut is enduring another blow to its valuation as tech-focused investment firm Molten Venture has written down its stake in the London-headquartered challenger bank. According to Molten’s financial result for the year ended March 2023 released today (Thursday), the company’s stake in Revolut now stands at £54.5 million, which is down by 40% from £91.3 million a year earlier. Earlier

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A List of Digital Banks in Asia

Are digital first banks in Asia poised to lead a disruptive charge against well-entrenched, established commercial banks? In the traditional banking sphere globally, but especially true in Asia, there is a considerable proportion of unbanked and underbanked populations who lack complete or any access to banking services. This is particularly prevalent in developing markets, while in more mature markets, commercial

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India Bets on Digital Banking to Improve MSME Access to Finance

India, a world leader in digital payments and fintech innovation, is entering the next phase of its digital finance transformation, now eyeing the prospects of digital banking to address the credit gap faced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The government is said to be readying a framework that would allow MSMEs to more easily and securely obtain digital

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