How we reached student success with assessment proficiency

Key points: Assessment creation can be uncomfortable, but it is also one of the most important steps in accelerating student learning Teachers are the only professionals who can most effectively build these assessments for their students See related article: 4 engaging assessment ideas for middle and high school For more news on assessment, visit eSN’s Innovative Teaching page Teachers use

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Data really is the secret sauce in the K-12 classroom

Key points: Along with all of the educational technology that’s made its way into the K-12 classroom over the last 10 years, we also now have a constant stream of useful, actionable data that we can use to improve student outcomes. This is especially true with literacy, where it’s all too easy to lose track of student progress and performance

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Expanding ‘through-year’ assessments to boost student achievement

Key points: To personalize learning, teachers need actionable data more frequently A new partnership in Montana will support student achievement in just this manner See related article: What’s the state of K-12 assessment? For more on assessments, see eSN’s Innovative Teaching page The Montana Office of Public Instruction is focusing on using assessments throughout the school year to give teachers

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What’s the state of K-12 assessment?

Key points: The majority of educators believe their school or district has an assessment-focused culture, but there are gaps in K-12 assessment literacy and familiarity with state standards, according to the 2023 State of Assessment in K-12 Education report from Instructure and Hanover Research. With post-pandemic learning loss a continued focus, educators and administrators are relying on both formative and

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4 engaging assessment ideas for middle and high school

Key points: When students have different ways to demonstrate learning, educators can collect more accurate data Middle and high school students benefit from choice, and different assessment options can lead to better engagement See related article: 3 new trends in student assessment As an educator and leader who grades holistically, it becomes important to consider how to create well rounded

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Texting is negatively impacting students’ writing

Key points: “because she wants to have fun” This was an eighth-grade student’s response to a question I posed in a reading response assignment tied to the play, “The Diary of Anne Frank.” The question asked was: “Why does Anne hide Peter’s shoes?” Technically, the student is correct–Anne hides Peter’s shoes because she is bored and tired of being cooped

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10 instructional strategies that lead to academic growth

Key points: A deeper look into instructional practices driving high academic growth has revealed 10 instructional strategies that use small changes to teaching practices leading toward growth outcomes for students. The findings come from a new study from K-12 assessment and research organization NWEA. Led by Dr. Chase Nordengren, principal research lead for Effective Instructional Strategies at NWEA, the study zoomed into two schools

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We need a new approach to student assessment

Key points: End-of-year statewide assessments are vital, but are flawed in several ways A “through-year” system administers shorter tests throughout the year that can give teachers immediate feedback See related article: 3 new trends in student assessment All around the country, school has ended for students and summer break is underway. In many schools, students spent the last few weeks

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Are educators using ChatGPT to write lesson plans?

A whopping 97 percent of respondents in a recent survey say they ‘frequently’ or ‘sometimes’ use ChatGPT to write lesson plans. Likewise, 93 percent of teachers say they use the AI platform to grade and provide feedback for students, 91 percent say to write emails, and 89 percent say to write letters of recommendation. A survey of 1,000 high school,

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How schools can respond to ChatGPT with inquiry-based learning

The rise of ChatGPT promises to bring simplicity to the more mundane tasks of human existence and has also revived with new fervor an enduring question of our education system: how do we adequately prepare students to thrive in the real world? How do we design worthy learning tasks, when artificial intelligence (AI) tools can do the work of a

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What the F? Grading strategies for early career teachers

According to a recent study, grading is one of the least stressful activities early career teachers have to complete. Grading is time consuming, however, and more grading-related questions are popping up in the news these days. For instance, are teachers allowed to reduce grades for late work? Are students allowed to retake tests on which they did not do well?

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5 Valentine’s Day videos for students

Valentine’s Day breaks up the winter doldrums and gives students a chance to create heart-shaped crafts and share candy or gifts with classmates. This year, give students some insight into the history behind the holiday. How did Valentine’s Day begin? Why do we celebrate it today? What IS love? And, most importantly: Which candy is your favorite? Here are five

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How to use alternative assessments in the classroom

Did you know that a 5th grade teacher is expected to guide students to mastery of 200 standards each year? Given a typical school year of 180 days, that’s 1.1 standards a day! Of course, standards don’t exactly work like that. You can certainly teach more than one standard a day, but that doesn’t give you time to explore them,

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An OER curriculum brings my students’ lives into our classroom

When I was growing up, I assumed that my teachers knew everything, including all of the “right answers.” Now that I’ve been a teacher for 15 years, I know this simply isn’t true. In fact, some of the most powerful learning in my middle school science classroom has happened when I’ve pretended to NOT know the “right answer.” That’s when

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