Customizable Bird Clock Sings The Hours By

For those looking to build their own clocks, one of the easiest ways to get Read More →

Timekeeping For Distributed Computers

Ask any programmer who has ever had to deal with timekeeping on a computer, and Read More →

Clock Project Doesn’t Require a Decision

You decide to build a clock. The first thing you have you determine if it Read More →

Clever Optics Make Clock’s Digits Float in Space

If you’ve never heard of Aerial Imaging by Retro-Reflection, or AIRR for short, you’re probably Read More →

Classic 1960s Flip Clock Gets NTP Makeover

Many of the clocks we feature here on Hackaday are entirely built from scratch, or Read More →

Moving Magnet Draws Stylish Shapes On Flexible Film

[Moritz v. Sivers] has a knack for making his own displays, which are typically based Read More →

Displaying the Time is Elemental With This Periodic Table Clock

We see a lot of clocks here at Hackaday, so many now that it’s hard Read More →

Pingo is an Analog Clock that uses Colors Instead of Hands

The purpose of a clock is to show the time, obviously. But if you’ve followed Read More →

Ikea Clock Gets Wanderlust

We always enjoy unique clocks, and a recent 3D print from [David Kingsman] caught our Read More →

Sundial Collection is 2D Printed

We see a lot of clocks, and many of the better ones have some 3D Read More →

The Times they are A-Chaining

If [Bob Dylan] had seen [Pgeschwi]’s bike chain clock, it might have influenced the famous Read More →

3D Printed Berlin Uhr is an Attractive Germanic Clock

As much as Big Ben steals the spotlight when it comes to big public clocks, Read More →

Organic Fibonacci Clock Is All About The Spiral

Whether you’re a fan of compelling Tool songs, or merely appreciate mathematical beauty, you might Read More →

HUD-Like Clock is a Transparent Time Display

While we have all types of displays these days, there’s something special about those that Read More →

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