Probably The Largest Selfie Camera In The World

Most readers will have some idea of how a camera works, with a lens placed Read More →

OpenMV Promises “Flyby” Imaging of Components for Pick and Place Project

[iforce2d] has an interesting video exploring whether the OpenMV H7 board is viable as a Read More →

Converting a Polaroid SX70 Camera To Use 600 Film

These days, it’s possible to buy a number of different Polaroid instant cameras new off Read More →

Motorized Camera Slider Rides on Carbon

While not every camera mount needs to have six degrees of freedom, one or two Read More →

Reverse Engineering Reveals Hidden API in Abandonware Trail Camera

It sometimes seems like there are two kinds of cheap hardware devices: those dependent on Read More →

A Super-Cheap Turntable Build For Photographic Purposes

When it comes to photographing products or small items, sometimes it’s useful to get vision Read More →

Hackaday Links: June 11, 2023

As Tom Nardi mentioned in this week’s podcast, the Northeast US is pretty apocalyptically socked Read More →

Inside a Pair of Smart Sunglasses

If you’re willing to spend $200 USD on nothing more than 100 grams of plastic, Read More →

Send this FPV Bot into the Crawlspace to Do Your Dirty Work

The least pleasant space in most houses is likely to be the space below it. Read More →

Your Fuji Digital Camera Is Hackable

There was a time when a digital camera was a surprisingly simple affair whose on-board Read More →

AI and Savvy Marketing Create Dubious Moon Photos

Taking a high-resolution photo of the moon is a surprisingly difficult task. Not only is Read More →

Adversarial IR Hoodie Lets You Own the Night in Anonymity

If you’re in the market for something to obfuscate your nefarious nocturnal activities, rejoice — Read More →

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