Enhance data security and governance for Amazon Redshift Spectrum with VPC endpoints

Many customers are extending their data warehouse capabilities to their data lake with Amazon Redshift. Read More →

Simplify access management with Amazon Redshift and AWS Lake Formation for users in an External Identity Provider

Many organizations use identity providers (IdPs) to authenticate users, manage their attributes, and group memberships Read More →

AWS Lake Formation 2023 year in review

AWS Lake Formation and the AWS Glue Data Catalog form an integral part of a Read More →

Enforce fine-grained access control on Open Table Formats via Amazon EMR integrated with AWS Lake Formation

With Amazon EMR 6.15, we launched AWS Lake Formation based fine-grained access controls (FGAC) on Read More →

Enhance query performance using AWS Glue Data Catalog column-level statistics

Today, we’re making available a new capability of AWS Glue Data Catalog that allows generating Read More →

Automated data governance with AWS Glue Data Quality, sensitive data detection, and AWS Lake Formation

Data governance is the process of ensuring the integrity, availability, usability, and security of an Read More →

Using AWS AppSync and AWS Lake Formation to access a secure data lake through a GraphQL API

Data lakes have been gaining popularity for storing vast amounts of data from diverse sources Read More →

Apply fine-grained data access controls with AWS Lake Formation in Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler reduces the time it takes to collect and prepare data for Read More →

Configure cross-Region table access with the AWS Glue Catalog and AWS Lake Formation

Today’s modern data lakes span multiple accounts, AWS Regions, and lines of business in organizations. Read More →

Five actionable steps to GDPR compliance (Right to be forgotten) with Amazon Redshift

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) right to be forgotten, also known as the right Read More →

Query your Apache Hive metastore with AWS Lake Formation permissions

Apache Hive is a SQL-based data warehouse system for processing highly distributed datasets on the Read More →

How Amazon Finance Automation built a data mesh to support distributed data ownership and centralize governance

Amazon Finance Automation (FinAuto) is the tech organization of Amazon Finance Operations (FinOps). Its mission Read More →

Harmonize data using AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation FindMatches ML to build a customer 360 view

In today’s digital world, data is generated by a large number of disparate sources and Read More →

How Novo Nordisk built distributed data governance and control at scale

This is a guest post co-written with Jonatan Selsing and Moses Arthur from Novo Nordisk. Read More →

Interact with Apache Iceberg tables using Amazon Athena and cross account fine-grained permissions using AWS Lake Formation

We recently announced support for AWS Lake Formation fine-grained access control policies in Amazon Athena Read More →

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