MPF’s tech drive poised to spur competition, innovation

After a multi-year build, Hong Kong’s pension system is about to launch its digital service Read More →

Ankit Suri & Jessica Liu | Planto | DigFin VOX Ep. 68

Jessica Liu and Ankit Suri are co-founders of Planto, a Hong Kong-based fintech that began Read More →

BlackRock’s LLMs: “The question is the advantage.”

A technology-first approach to investing money is not new, but the tools in artificial intelligence Read More →

State Street Digital to pitch regulators on crypto custody

State Street Digital, the digital-assets arm of global custodian bank and investment manager State Street, Read More →

State Super onboards fintech Premialab for data insights

State Super, an A$38 billion ($25 billion) superannuation fund in Australia, is working with Hong Read More →

WealthTech Endowus | Sam Rhee | DigFin VOX Ep. 65

Endowus is a Singapore-based wealthtech that has integrated public pension money into users’ financial strategy. Read More →

PropTech x Fintech | Ariel Shtarkman | DigFin VOX 64

Ariel Shtarkman is co-founder and managing partner of Undivided Ventures, a Hong Kong-based venture-capital business Read More →

StashAway’s private-markets product gains traction

StashAway has publicly landed a multi-family office that is using it to source a variety Read More →

Schroders plots ‘tokenized investment vehicles’

Schroders, the $965 billion global asset manager, which has been looking into how to use Read More →

What the Endowus-Allfunds partnership means for banks

The head of wealth management at a mid-sized bank in a place like Hong Kong Read More →

BTO, with StanChart mandate, eyes Series A

BetterTradeOff (known as BTO), a Singapore-based wealthtech startup, intends to raise a Series A round Read More →

How are consumers using fintech?

Typical analyses of a market’s fintech adoption focus on the number of startups or products. Read More →

HSBC goes digital to extend secured-lending product

HSBC has turned to technology to make a specialized lending product that has been the Read More →

Fidelity retiring its data centers in Asia

Fidelity International, the ex-US business of Fidelity Management and Research with $663 billion of assets Read More →

Old-school hedgie goes digital to make his comeback

The alternative-investment industry has always been designed for large institutional investors. An old-school hedge-fund manager Read More →

Interactive Brokers offering crypto in H.K. via OSL

Interactive Brokers Group (IBKR, after its Nasdaq ticker), an electronic broker for individual and institutional Read More →

ESG outlook | Helene Li, GoImpact | VOX Ep. 49

Helene Li is co-founder and CEO of GoImpact, a startup advisory and investment firm focused Read More →

Carmen Wee’s outlook for asset managers in 2023

DigFin asked Carmen Wee, CEO of the Investment Management Association of Singapore, to tell us Read More →

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