automate alerting and reporting for aws glue job resource usage

Automate alerting and reporting for AWS Glue job resource usage

Data transformation plays a pivotal role in providing the necessary data insights for businesses in Read More →

defontana provides business administration solutions to latin american customers using amazon quicksight

Defontana provides business administration solutions to Latin American customers using Amazon QuickSight

This is a guest post by Cynthia Valeriano, Jaime Olivares, and Guillermo Puelles from DeFontana. Read More →

improve operational efficiencies of apache iceberg tables built on amazon s3 data lakes

Improve operational efficiencies of Apache Iceberg tables built on Amazon S3 data lakes

Apache Iceberg is an open table format for large datasets in Amazon Simple Storage Service Read More →

real time time series anomaly detection for streaming applications on amazon kinesis data analytics

Real-time time series anomaly detection for streaming applications on Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Detecting anomalies in real time from high-throughput streams is key for informing on timely decisions Read More →

stream data with amazon msk connect using an open source jdbc connector

Stream data with Amazon MSK Connect using an open-source JDBC connector

Customers are adopting Amazon Managed Service for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) as a fast and Read More →

amazon opensearch service under the hood multi az with standby

Amazon OpenSearch Service Under the Hood: Multi-AZ with Standby

Amazon OpenSearch Service recently announced Multi-AZ with Standby, a new deployment option for managed clusters Read More →

scale your aws glue for apache spark jobs with new larger worker types g 4x and g 8x

Scale your AWS Glue for Apache Spark jobs with new larger worker types G.4X and G.8X

Hundreds of thousands of customers use AWS Glue, a serverless data integration service, to discover, Read More →

new scatter plot options in amazon quicksight to visualize your data

New scatter plot options in Amazon QuickSight to visualize your data

Are you looking to understand the relationships between two numerical variables? Scatter plots are a Read More →

how encored technologies built serverless event driven data pipelines with aws

How Encored Technologies built serverless event-driven data pipelines with AWS

This post is a guest post co-written with SeonJeong Lee, JaeRyun Yim, and HyeonSeok Yang Read More →

process price transparency data using aws glue

Process price transparency data using AWS Glue

The Transparency in Coverage rule is a federal regulation in the United States that was Read More →

amazon opensearch service now supports 99 99 availability using multi az with standby

Amazon OpenSearch Service now supports 99.99% availability using Multi-AZ with Standby

Customers use Amazon OpenSearch Service for mission-critical applications and monitoring. But what happens when OpenSearch Read More →

build deploy and run spark jobs on amazon emr with the open source emr cli tool

Build, deploy, and run Spark jobs on Amazon EMR with the open-source EMR CLI tool

Today, we’re pleased to introduce the Amazon EMR CLI, a new command line tool to Read More →

how socar handles large iot data with amazon msk and amazon elasticache for redis

How SOCAR handles large IoT data with Amazon MSK and Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

This is a guest blog post co-written with SangSu Park and JaeHong Ahn from SOCAR.  Read More →

whats new with amazon mwaa support for apache airflow version 2 4 3

What’s new with Amazon MWAA support for Apache Airflow version 2.4.3

Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (Amazon MWAA) is a managed orchestration service for Apache Read More →

real time anomaly detection via random cut forest in amazon kinesis data analytics

Real-time anomaly detection via Random Cut Forest in Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Real-time anomaly detection describes a use case to detect and flag unexpected behavior in streaming Read More →

connect kafka client applications securely to your amazon msk cluster from different vpcs and aws accounts

Connect Kafka client applications securely to your Amazon MSK cluster from different VPCs and AWS accounts

You can now use Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) multi-VPC private connectivity Read More →