Super Tournament 2 – Final Four (Dec 8)

Super Tournament II took an unexpected turn in the quarterfinals, with top championship candidate Maru getting eliminated by ByuN. While this leaves Dark as the favorite to win it all, ByuN, Solar, and Bunny will surely be relishing their improved odds of winning a major title.

The first match of the quarterfinals saw (Wiki)ByuN take revenge on (Wiki)Maru after losing all five of their previous encounters in 2022. It was a fast and bloody 3-1 for ByuN that featured plenty of 2-Barracks Reaper openers, and ByuN proved to have the better micro and decision-making on the day. Interestingly enough, ByuN was far from being elated in his post-match interview, saying he had wanted to show off his skills in longer games with mass Ravens. If Bunny comes out from the other side of the bracket, perhaps ByuN will get his wish.

Match #2 also ended with a 3-1 scoreline as (Wiki)Solar took down (Wiki)GuMiho. Solar looked to be the better player in macro games, only losing the map where GuMiho read and stopped an early-game Roach-Ravager attack. The series did produce one of the better games on the night on Tropical Sacrifice, which featured GuMiho playing his signature mech style in a narrow loss (VOD).

(Wiki)Bunny continued his DreamHack: Atlanta ‘make-up’ run in the third match, taking down (Wiki)DongRaeGu 3-1 with an all-around solid TvZ performance. He was able to show off various strengths in his play, winning a longer macro game, cheesing DRG out quickly with a proxy 3-Barracks, and also hitting hard with Hellbat-Marauder timing.

The last series of the night saw (Wiki)Dark defeat (Wiki)Cure 3-0. Despite the one-sided scoreline, the series produced the closest and most entertaining game of the night. In game two (VOD), Dark and Cure slugged it out for over fifty-five minutes on Waterfall, with the first half of the match being quite fast-paced and action-packed. Things slowed down as the map mined out, leading to a very unusual ending sequence.

With the map completely mined out of gas, Dark found himself without any aerial units able to attack floating Terran buildings in a draw-game scenario. However, Cure seemed to completely forget about the possibility of a draw, and forced one final fight between the main armies. Dark’s Brood Lord-centric force won the final battle, and he flashed a huge smile when Cure typed out an unnecessary GG.

The Super Tournament will conclude with the semifinals and grand finals on Thursday, Dec 08 8:00am GMT (GMT+00:00).


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