Valkyrae in “The Family Plan”

Popular streamer and online personality Valkyrae has announced the news of her appearance in Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming movie, “The Family Plan,” generating plenty of buzz in the gaming and entertainment industry alike. And it’s not just Valkyrae, as streamer iiTzTimmy is also joining her in the film.

With a large and devoted fan base, Valkyrae’s announcement has been met with plenty of excitement. Recently, the well-known streamer has been finding more and more ways to diversify her career.

“The Queen of YouTube”

Valkyrae (Rachell Hofstetter) is one of the biggest names in the gaming and live-streaming world. In 2014, she turned her passion for video games into a career by posting gaming-related content on Instagram. Then, in 2015, she started streaming on Twitch and created a YouTube channel.

the first female creator to sign with 100 Thieves

In 2018, Valkyrae became the first female creator to sign with 100 Thieves, one of the most prominent esports organizations in the world, and has since become a co-owner. Valkyrae then left Twitch to sign an exclusive deal with YouTube and has been streaming there since. Many have dubbed her “The Queen of YouTube.”

As one of the world’s most influential and well-known creators, Valkyrae has not ceased to expand upon her career. Last month, Valkyrae revealed her involvement in the Sonic Prime animated series, where she voiced one of its leading characters:

Now, Valkyrae has announced that she will appear in Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming movie after she saw a surge in her voice-acting career.

A cast of streamers

Though streamers don’t often work to get involved in the acting industry, Valkyrae isn’t the only big gamer who will be cast in this movie. Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy (Timothy An) will also be making an appearance in “The Family Plan.”

iiTzTimmy is one of the biggest first person shooter streamers on Twitch, boasting over 2.6 million followers on the site. Like Valkyrae, he is also a member of 100 Thieves.

“The Family Plan” is centered around a suburban dad, played by Mark Wahlberg, who was once a top assassin. After his past catches up to him, he must protect his family while avoiding the consequences of his past. It was directed by Simon Cellan Jones and the script was written by David Goffeshall, who also wrote the screenplay for “Orphan: First Kill.” It filmed from October to November 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is unknown what either’s role is in the film; Valkyrae does not have a character name listed on IMDB and iiTzTimmy’s is not on the site’s cast list at the moment. Regardless of how much screen time they get, though, 100 Thieves is certainly thrilled, tweeting: “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.”