Sony’s expecting a severe drop in PSVR 2 sales from a projected 2 million

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Coming in at $549 the PSVR 2 is going to be the next-gen console gamer’s gateway into the high-end VR party (opens in new tab). Welcome, friends, the weather is fine here. Although, despite the tasty specs this VR headset will be packing, Sony’s initially projected 2 million unit sales appears to have dropped significantly since pre-orders opened up.

PSVR2 pre-orders (opens in new tab) went live back in December after a few months on a special invite-only basis. Since then, Sony appears to have suffered a pretty drastic drop in expected sales owing to a low pre-order number.

That’s according to unnamed sources familiar with the company, who spoke to Bloomberg (opens in new tab) about the disappointment over PlayStation 5 owners’ slow adoption of the upcoming, high-end VR.

The sources said that not only has Sony given their display panel partners a heads up to expect a reduction in orders, the company is now expecting to sell something closer to 1.5 million PSVR 2 units between this April and March of next year. A bit of a drop from expecting to have 2 million units on standby for launch.

Apparently the 2.4% jump in share price Bloomberg highlighted (opens in new tab) when the PSVR 2 was first announced, when that 2 million unit sales projection surfaced, hasn’t translated to a jump in demand for high-end VR for consoles.

Of course, these numbers could well shift after the PSVR 2’s February 22 release, and we see the first round reviews come in. That’s always going to be a tipping point for adoption, so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. Then we PC gamers will finally be able to talk about with our console owner buddies.



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