Slash and shoot through the Metroivania-stylings of Transiruby


If you can’t get enough of the Metroidvania ideas that have filled out the gaming universe for years, then Transiruby is likely to be one for you. 

Created by the Skipmore and Esquadra teams, picked up for publishing by those at Flyhigh Works, Transiruby is a new Metroidvania which focuses efforts on a single protagonist – a cyborg named Siruby. It’ll be up to you to take charge of this unknown, slashing and shooting your way through the world ahead, uncovering many and all secrets as you go. 

Priced at £11.99, Transiruby attempts more than just the usual adventuring though, mixing in puzzles, a trusty AI partner and the opportunity to converse with treasure hunters. But it also promises to be able to deliver an adventure that works stress-free sword action and the chance to freeze foes with an element gun, utilising their dead, frozen bodies to your advantage. Better still, Siruby can transform too!

The features that are most prominent include:

  • Quick, stress-free sword action
  • Collect golden “Tranchips” to open doors to the next stage!
  • Freeze enemies using an element gun to use them as a foothold!
  • Perfect balance of puzzles and riddles accent the game!
  • Siruby is a cyborg, so she can transform into a plane and a motorbike!

Fully optimised for Xbox Series X|S consoles but also playable on Xbox One, Transiruby can be picked up from the Xbox Store. Let us know if you decide to give this one a bit of your time by dropping into the comments. And if you’re wanting a review prior to splashing the cash, stick around for ours. We’ll follow with some thoughts.

Game Description:

Explore the mysteries of an unknown land! “Transiruby” is a metroidvania game where you explore the world as a cyborg protagonist named Siruby. Slash and shoot your way to reveal its hidden secrets!



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