Sivers receives $375,000 award under DARPA NGMM program in collaboration with PseudolithIC

9 August 2023

Chip and integrated module supplier Sivers Semiconductors AB of Kista, Sweden says that its US subsidiary Sivers Semiconductors Inc has received an award worth $375,000 (about 4MSEK) under the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Next-Generation Microelectronics Manufacturing (NGMM) program in collaboration with PseudolithIC Inc of Santa Barbara, CA, USA. The program aims to develop three-dimensional heterogeneously integrated (3DHI) technologies. PseudolithIC and Sivers will specifically investigate 3DHI systems for millimeter-wave (mmWave) applications in the 5G, SATCOM and defense sectors.

Three-dimensional heterogeneous integration involves the heterogeneous integration of disparate materials and components, enabled by advanced packaging that leverages all three dimensions. The DARPA NGMM program is a complementary effort to the US CHIPS Act, a $52.7bn program designed to invigorate American semiconductor research, development, manufacturing and workforce development. Sivers and Pseudolithic will specifically focus on the heterogeneous integration of Sivers’ high-performance radio-frequency silicon-on-insulator (RF SOI) beamformers with III-V front ends for millimeter-wave 5G, SATCOM and defense applications.

“One of our major goals with the acquisition of MixComm (today part of Sivers Wireless), was to get a better footprint in the US market. I cannot see any better acknowledgment than getting this award from the DARPA NGMM program,” says Sivers Semiconductors’ group CEO Anders Storm. “Working in this project on the next-generation mmWave applications in the 5G, SATCOM and for the defense sectors is a fantastic step for Sivers,” he adds.

“We are excited to team PseudolithIC’s innovative heterogeneous integration technology with the proven performance of Sivers’ RF SOI beamforming chipsets,” comments PseudolithIC’s CEO Dan Green. “This combination of silicon and III-V technology will enable access to the millimeter-wave spectrum with performance and scale surpassing any single, monolithic technology.”

Sivers expects all revenue from the award to be recognized in 2023.

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