Shiba Beats Doge + Binance/WazirX Dispute

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If you’re a fan of dog-themed tokens, you have every reason to be joyful about last week’s crypto movement. While Bitcoin struggled to keep decent gains in the last seven days, Shibu Inu enjoyed a sweet 25% rise—It also gained an impressive 100% against its top rival, Dogecoin, on the SHIB/DOGE 3-month chart.

If you’ve been tracking the token’s price using Coinigy, you surely would’ve noticed its uptick and profited from it.

Here are the highlights of the week

  • Shiba Inu price rebounds 100% after record lows against Dogecoin — more upside ahead?
  • Binance-WazirX Dispute Rages as the Indian Crypto Exchange Is Told to Move Funds Out of Binance
  • Will ChatGPT help TRX in the wake of Tron’s assistance to OpenAI?
  • Ripple Bought $8.4B XRP Since SEC Lawsuit ‘To Support Healthy Markets.’

Shiba Inu price rebounds 100% after record lows against Dogecoin — more upside ahead?

The Shiba Inu price was at the lowest versus its top rival, Dogecoin, in November 2022. Three months later, the dynamics have flipped.  The SHIB price rebound gained momentum amid reports that Shibarium will go live on Feb. 14. In comparison, Dogecoin’s fundamentals looked pale, with Elon Musk suspending a DOGE tipping bot for violating Twitter’s rules. Read the full story.

$SHIBA has made a substantial rally in 2023 – can it continue to outperform $DOGE this year?

Binance Tells WazirX to Move Funds As Dispute Rages

Binance has invited Zanmai Labs, the entity operating the Indian crypto exchange WazirX, to work out arrangements to withdraw any remaining assets held in Binance wallets, according to a blog post on Friday.

The solution ostensibly ends worries about what would happen to customer funds if Binance and WazirX end their collaboration. However, it seems to have further escalated the fight between the two crypto exchanges. Here’s the full story.

Will ChatGPT help TRX in the wake of Tron’s assistance to OpenAI?

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, recently expanded on the information related to TRON’s partnership with BitTorrent. As per the official tweet, TRON will provide artificial intelligence (AI)-oriented decentralized payment framework for AI systems like ChatGPT. Here’s the full story.

Ripple Bought $8.4B XRP Since SEC Lawsuit ‘To Support Healthy Markets’

Ripple Labs’ XRP token has dropped 20% since the SEC sued the firm, and two top executives, over alleged unregistered securities sales back in December 2020. And since then, Ripple Labs has poured billions of dollars into buying back the XRP token on secondary markets. Read the complete story.

Other highlights worth mentioning

  • Bitcoin, S&P 500 Close In on Bullish ‘Golden Cross’ Signal – Coindesk
  • Genesis Creditors Could Miss Out on Recent Crypto Rally – The Information
  • Kraken shutters Abu Dhabi office a year after gaining license – Protos
  • Ex-App Store Director: ‘Apple Had a Problem With Crypto From Day One’ – Decrypt



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