Achieves 6x Boost in Transaction Processing Capacity, Enabling High-Volume Financial Solutions Achieves 6x Boost in Transaction Processing Capacity, Enabling High-Volume Financial Solutions

VILNIUS, Lithuania – March 18, 2024 –, a leading FinTech software provider, announces a significant milestone in its transaction processing capacity – an increase from 400 TPS (transactions per second) to an impressive 2,700 TPS, on a basic configuration. This remarkable 575% growth positions as a powerhouse for payment businesses requiring high-volume transaction capabilities. 

With the newly achieved workload capacity, can handle over a staggering 233 million daily transactions, which translates into 7 billion transactions a month, with enough room for improvement. 

Increased processing power delivers business benefits

This improved processing speed translates into faster handling of transactions within the Platform, reduced wait times, and a more streamlined user experience. Additionally, the Platform’s enhanced scalability allows businesses to accommodate larger transaction volumes as they grow, without compromising performance. Furthermore, streamlined transactions contribute to improved operational efficiency for businesses, potentially reducing costs and enhancing profitability.

Continuous improvement for client success

“This significant increase in transaction processing capacity positions as a powerful solution for businesses requiring a robust and scalable FinTech platform,” said Pavlo Sidelov, CTO of “We are confident that this enhancement will empower our clients to deliver exceptional user experiences and achieve their business goals.” remains committed to ongoing improvement, ensuring its Platform delivers exceptional performance and scalability for its clients. 

About is a FinTech solution provider that has been helping businesses launch financial and payment products since 2013. Its all-in-one subscription-based cloud platform and a team of expert fintech developers equip customers with out-of-the-box functionality for a swift start to their digital wallet, neobank, payment processing, money remittance, or fiat-to-crypto exchange systems. 

The software powers financial solutions globally, including countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the UK, the USA, Canada, and many more. For more information, please visit the website.  

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