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Today, while announcing the incoming WTL 2023 summar qualifier Participants List, SCboy also announced their New Personal Event plan for this summer season. This includes:

Kung Fu Cup:

  • Weekly serie held every Wednesday during WTL regular season (11 rounds a season).
  • with a prize of 4,000 CNY (~$600) per round.

Master’s Coliseum:

  • Finals to take place in August.
  • Featuring a 200,000 CNY (~$29,000) total prize pool.
  • Qualification for the finals will be based on a points system, in addition to a qualifier round.
  • Kung Fu Cup participants will earn points based on their rankings every week.
  • Similarly, players who win maps in the WTL regular season will earn points either.
This is great news!

I am boycotting ESL. Here is why: https://tl.net/forum/starcraft-2/584380-esl-sold-for-1b-to-saudi-backed-savvy-gaming-group?page=5#84


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I’m sorry but does anyone know how to edit the title?:D made a mistake here thank u adminsmile

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Great news! Happy to hear that!

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More money for Maru

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Nice! Thanks SCboy!
tr cn

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Total prize pool for the summer split alone is ~$80k, without factoring in crowdfunding into WTL.

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On March 19 2023 01:27 SlyZ1 wrote:
More money for Maru

Or for Time. Wait, it’s Oliveria.. or something. smile

Phase 1: F2    Phase 2: A   Phase 3: Profit!

Got a Patreon or anything? I’ve already given a 10 spot to Tasteosis I’ll give a little pocket change.

I’m doing my part!

Source: https://tl.net/forum/starcraft-2/608710-scboy-2023-tournament-plans