Hunt: Showdown - Commedia Della Morte DLC Xbox

Whilst it doesn’t get the numbers or the plaudits as other online multiplayer games out there, there is no denying that Hunt: Showdown doesn’t have a loyal fan base. And their reward today is another new Hunter with a mask that is sure to put the willy’s up even the more seasoned hunter. The Commedia Della Morte DLC for Hunt: Showdown is out now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC and introduces Scaramuccia.

Scaramuccias mask is an obvious talking point. Featuring a three-in-one expression – the friend, the fool and the villain – it has a face for every moment. But its origin story is as tragic and bloody as all the others that find themselves in Hunt: Showdown.

The mask was once worn by a harlequin of a three-man troupe. However, often seen as the black sheep of the trio, rumours spread of what was actually behind the mask and he was locked up between performances. Whilst the other two grew richer, the harlequin stayed in the same clothes day after day. Just as the show was at its most successful, the trio disappeared. Only the bodies of the other two were found.

Now going by the name Scaramuccia, the old harlequin feels most at home in the Bayou. Rumours are once again circling that what is under the mask may look more like what is being hunted.

Scaramuccia also comes with the following included in the DLC:

  • Scaramuccia (Hunter)
  • Opera Glasses (Winfield M1873C Marksman)
  • Macchinista (Sparks Pistol)
  • Spaccagambe (Concertina Trip Mine).

The Commedia Della Morte DLC for Hunt: Showdown is on the Xbox Store now priced at £8.39. Let us know in the comments below if you are still playing Hunt: Showdown and whether there is room in your roster for Scaramuccia.

DLC Desription

Scaramuccia’s trinity mask intimidates any audience, but the many faces behind the mask are quick to perform the fool, the friend, or the villain. Whichever he senses will put a room at ease, or compel it to serve his will. The three-faced mask always conceals which way he looks, confusing predator and prey alike until his next move. It’s a mask that has only been seen once before: worn by a gifted harlequin, who was the leading act of a renowned three-man troupe. The troupe’s director kept the harlequin caged between shows, spreading rumors of grotesque disfigurement and urging people to join the audience for a glimpse beneath the mask. The third of the troupe was the bard, who drew people in with songs of sorrow and sympathy for the harlequin’s disfigurement, before entrancing that same crowd with accompaniments to the troupe’s one-man shows. Many who came to see the plays clamored for a chance to peek at the harlequin’s face, trying to confirm the irresistibly horrifying descriptions the rumors spoke of. But no such chance came, and none could ever find what lair the troupe held the harlequin in between shows. With the show’s success, the director’s clothing grew more lavish and the bard’s guitar more ornate, yet the harlequin’s single costume tore new holes every day. Poverty only added to both the spectacle and pity for the alleged freak, and a freak show proved to draw a greater paying audience than theatre. Then at the peak of the show’s success, the director, bard, and harlequin all vanished without trace. Some weeks later, two bodies were found in the canal stripped of their clothes and with faces too grotesque to identify. Now, amongst the torment of the Bayou, the troupe’s sole survivor christens himself “Scaramuccia”. On the hunt, his finely crafted demeanor shifts and relaxes: relishing not the hunt, but the accursed swamps themselves. Perhaps peeling away the mask would reveal a face less akin to his fellow hunters, and more like what he hunts.