Scan Business Cards to Excel or Google Contacts

We use business cards to store contact information of business affiliates, interests and leads. The past few years have seen a change in this trend with the advent of Excel, Google Contacts and other cloud based solutions to store contact information, where we are increasingly prefering to store contacts in digital format. The advantages are plenty – reliable storage, easy to use, digitally searchable functionalities.

Business cards are still distributed in abundance and technology now allows us to take a picture or scan business cards to directly extract contact information in a structured format using OCR. Applications which do this extract information of contacts from business cards and store it to digital formats in excel spreadsheets, databases and softwares of choice like Hubspot, Salesforce etc.

Nanonets provides functionalities to scan business cards to excel or google contacts seamlessly. It extracts contact information fields from scanned images of business cards using OCR technology with pinpoint accuracy.

Nanonets Business Card Scanner

Nanonets provides an OCR solution which scans pictures of business cards and extracts contact information fields from it with great accuracy – Name, Company, Phone, Email, Website, Job Title and Address.

Furthermore, you can add important notes pertaining to a business card before saving the contact. Seamless readymade integrations are available to auto populate extracted data from scanned images into Google Sheets, Excel, databases, Hubspot, Salesforce or any other software or database of choice.

To get started,

  • Signup on
  • Create a model using the business card document type.
  • Integrate Nanonets Business Card Scanner model with your workflow.

Once done with this, to set up an automated export to excel, google sheets or google contacts, you can perform one of the steps below –

  • You can set a periodic download of business card data into excel using our web application.
  • You can use this zap template to set up an automated workflow where contacts are added to Google Contacts / Sheets the moment a business card is scanned.

There are multiple ways to start your business card scanning use case with Nanonets –

  • You can try the business card scanner online tool here.
  • You can integrate Nanonets into your own app using our easy to use API.
  • You can integrate Nanonets using zap workflow of our Zapier App.
  • A mobile business card scanner app from Nanonets is coming soon on the Play Store.

Nanonets provides enterprises with multiple postprocessing, lookup and analytical functionalities to ingest, extract, save and manage contacts from various sources including scanning business cards, Gmail inbox, official documents etc. This enables users to create a structured, digitally searchable contact directory with contacts ingested from all possible sources.

The workflow is as follows –

  • You can scan business cards or import business cards / contacts from Gmail, Zapier, Hubspot etc.
  • Our light integration API allows users to integrate the OCR extraction model into existing apps seamlessly.
  • Our export options allow users to export to Excel, Google Sheets, Google Contacts, Hubspot, Salesforce, or database / software of your choice.

If you want to set up this business card scanning on our mobile app / using our SDK, you can schedule a call and get free access for it from one of our AI experts.



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