Rivalry and RED Canids Announce Brazil-Based Partnership

Rivalry and RED Canids Announce Brazil-Based Partnership

Rivalry has announced that it has agreed to a deal with Brazilian esports organization RED Canids for a multi-faceted sponsorship deal focused primarily on the RED Canids’ CSGO team.

The deal is a one-year agreement covering multiple facets that will include the two collaborating on a number of what are termed “physical and digital campaigns,” focusing primarily on RED Canids CSGO roster and fan base.

The partnership will not only see Rivalry’s logo placed onto the RED Canids’ jersey’s for the 2023 CSGO season, but they will also have in-game naming rights for the team for certain CSGO tournaments that they compete in.

Additionally, the two companies will combine to produce a 12-part docuseries that will highlight members of the RED Canids CSGO team and how they have performed over the course of the season.

This will be backed up further with daily content across both organizations’ social media channels.

rivalry red canids partnership brazil

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Brazil Becoming a Key Focus for Esports

This news is not unexpected. We have spoken with representatives of several key esports betting companies, such as Betway, Midnite, Parimatch, and GG.Bet and there is a consensus that expanding their operations in South America, notably in Brazil, will be key for the organization’s long-term future.

Esports betting in Brazil is certainly a bullish and exciting market for companies to become involved in, as the potential for growth in this region is huge.

In fact, one of the key performance indicators stated in Rivalry’s 2023 business update was how well the company expanded into the Canadian and Australian markets. It now appears that Brazil will be a focal part of its 2023 strategy for expansion.

This new deal with RED Canids, now seems central to the continuation of the progress made in other regions in 2022.

Sao Paulo HQ

While the social media posts and 12-episode docuseries will certainly appeal to RED Canids with 1 million+ followers on social media, it is Rivalry Esports commitment to developing a bespoke Sao Paulo HQ for RED Canids that will certainly attract plenty of attention.

The training facility will be branded by Rivalry and will focus on helping train and develop RED Canids CSGO team members, as well as a place where the company can host joint watch parties when RED Canids are in action in tournaments.

Additionally, it is easy to see this facility serving as a hub for esports fans and players in and around the Sao Paulo area.

“Best of Esports and Entertainment Together”

Speaking about the partnership, the Brazil Lead for Rivalry, Luis Goncalves commented:

“Our agreement with RED Canids has all the earmarks of a great partnership, bringing the best of esports and entertainment together to create real value for fans.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to put out market-leading creative on display for a passionate following of fans to build brand equity for both of our companies.”

Similarly, CEO of RED Canids, Felippe Corradini pointed out the benefits of the deal to his esports organization.

“Rivalry adds a valuable layer of creative firepower to our organization that helps us engage with our fanbase in unique ways and creates awareness around our brand.”

“Responsible sports betting drives engagement and excitement for our fans where when we win, they win too. Rivalry is a partner that brings all this and more to our organisation, and we’re looking forward to our partnership together.”

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