by Wax

Reynor won his second HomeStory Cup championship in a row, fending off a near-comeback from Solar to win 4-3 in the grand finals of HSC 23.

The Italian Zerg seemed to be in peril in the very first round of the playoffs, with the cost of finishing second place in his RO24 group (due to a loss to Lambo) being a quarterfinal match against friend and rival Serral. However, while Serral took a resounding 3-0 victory back at ESL Masters Summer, Reynor repaid the favor with a 3-0 of his own in Krefeld.

ShoWTimE managed to draw first blood off Reynor in their semifinals match, winning a scrappy late-game brawl on Gresvan. However, Reynor rallied in the subsequent games, taking three maps in a row to win 3-1.

The grand finals against Solar got off to a smooth start, with Reynor taking three maps off the bat. However, Solar showed his resilience, winning three maps of his own to put him on the verge of a rare BO7 reverse-sweep. However, after a quick bathroom break to settle his nerves, Reynor clutched out a fourth and final win. Anticipating a no-Lair Roach-Ling-Bane timing from Solar, Reynor played a perfect blind counter to claim the HSC 23 championship.

RO24 Groups
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The champion wasn’t the only player who was celebrated at HSC23. Mousesports commemorated HeroMarine becoming the team’s longest tenured player in history at 11 years and 197 days of service, and presented him with a special portrait (by BlizzCon portrait artist Nicolas Chaussois) to mark the occasion. Also, TakeTV awarded Harstem its first “Community Pillar Award” (shaped like a bulldog in reference to iNcontrol’s love of the animals) for his many contributions to HomeStory Cup as a player, caster, and content creator.

TakeTV confirmed that another HomeStory Cup will be held, with HSC24 planned to begin on December 1st.