• Revolut is launching a roboadvisor in the U.S.
  • The new capability will complement Revolut’s other wealth management options, including savings and stock trading.
  • The automated investing tool will charge a 0.25% annual fee with a monthly minimum of $0.25.

Global financial services innovator Revolut has launched a roboadvisor in the U.S. The new automated investing tool manages users’ investment portfolios, and is therefore able to charge lower fees than traditional wealth management firms.

Revolut users can invest in one of five diversified portfolios based on their risk tolerance. After the client deposits funds into their portfolio, Revolut’s roboadvisor will automatically invest the money and then monitor and manage the portfolio. When necessary, the roboadvisor will automatically rebalance the portfolio to stay in-tune with the user’s risk tolerance. Revolut roboadvisor will charge a 0.25% annual fee with a monthly minimum of $0.25.

“We are excited to add a Robo-advisor to our superapp’s suite of wealth and investment products and services,” said Revolut U.S. Head of Wealth and Trading Jack Callahan. “We know that many of our customers do not have the time to manage a portfolio or invest in individual securities. Built to make investing more accessible, we want to give our customers the ability to make their money work for them in what we believe will be a tailored and stress-free way.”

Originally founded as a mobile banking and international card payments company, Revolut has recently set its sights on becoming a super app. Since it launched in 2015, Revolut has added business cards and spend mangement tools, as well as a range of solutions to fit its users’ personal financial needs.

Today’s roboadvisor launch will push Revolut further towards super app status. Additionally, the new capability will complement the company’s other wealth management tools, including its savings account, savings goals, and stock trading.

While the launch of Revolut’s roboadvisor will be a value-added product, the company may be a bit late to the game. The roboadvisor boom in fintech took place about eight years ago and it is unlikely Revolut’s roboadvisor will be the determining factor for a user to make the jump to Revolut. The new product will, however, be attractive to existing Revolut clients and may help draw in Gen Z users as they look to begin their investing journeys.

Revolut has raised around $2 billion. While the company was once considered one of Europe’s most valuable fintechs, Revolut took a hit earlier this spring when company shareholder Schroders Capital Global Innovation Trust disclosed a $5.8 million (£4.7 million) writedown, shaking the value of its stake from $12.6 million (£10.1 million) in 2021 to $6.7 million (£5.4 million) in 2022.

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Source: https://finovate.com/revolut-unveils-roboadvisor-in-the-u-s/