PVcomBank Launches New Mobile App with Temenos and AWS

Banking software company Temenos has announced that Vietnam Public Commercial Joint Stock Bank (PVcomBank) has launched PVConnect using Temenos Digital on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This new mobile banking platform PVConnect, which is powered by Temenos Digital, aims to enhance the banking experience for over one million customers.

The Temenos platform’s agility enables PVcomBank to innovate continuously with low/no code tools and introduce new features regularly.

Key features of PVConnect include electronic ID account opening, phone number-based account management, personalised savings products, bill payments, QR code money transfers, and a home screen widget for quick access to account information and transactions.

Customers can also earn points through transactions, redeemable for e-vouchers, financial gifts, or charity donations.

Having utilised Temenos Core for over a decade, PVcomBank has now integrated its front and back-office capabilities on a single platform, combining on-premise data centers and the cloud.

This integration enhances operational efficiency, streamlines processes with increased automation, and delivers a seamless customer experience.

PVConnect’s development on a cloud-native architecture ensures an exceptional user experience with an average response time of less than 100ms and a 40% increase in operational efficiency.

The bank releases new features bi-weekly, allowing it to remain competitive and responsive to market demands.

Since the launch of PVConnect, PVcomBank reported that it has seen significant increases in customer onboarding and deposits.

AWS’ Vietnam Country Manager Eric Yeo noted that banks across Southeast Asia are increasingly leveraging cloud technology to improve security, optimize operations, attract new customers, and reduce downtime.

Ramki Ramakrishnan

Ramki Ramakrishnan

Ramki Ramakrishnan, Managing Director – APAC, Temenos, said,

“Leveraging the advanced digital capabilities of our cloud-native platform, PVcomBank is setting the standard for best-in-class customer experience in the highly competitive Vietnam market.


Working with AWS we are proud to support the bank to accelerate innovation and scale its digital services sustainably.”

Nguyen Viet Ha

Nguyen Viet Ha

Nguyen Viet Ha, Deputy General Director, PVcomBank, said,

“Mobile banking is the primary channel for our retail business and with Temenos Digital on AWS we’ve been able to deliver an outstanding customer experience with the scalability and flexibility we need to stay agile and responsive to market trends.


Since the launch of PVConnect we have moved over one million customers to the new app, and we are thrilled with thousands of positive comments we have received.”

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