Procurement Finance Company Treyd Appoints Colin Moss-Davies as CRO

  • Treyd has appointed Colin Moss-Davies as its first Chief Revenue Officer.
  • With 25 years of experience, Colin Moss-Davies comes to Treyd most recently from PayPal.
  • Sweden-based Treyd pays for inventory upfront on behalf of its business clients.

Procurement financing company Treyd has appointed ex-PayPal sales head Colin Moss-Davies as its first Chief Revenue Officer.

Moss-Davies comes to Treyd with 25 years of sales experience. The company anticipates Moss-Davies will bring growth and profitability to the company, which seeks to help small businesses “sell first, pay suppliers later.”

“Hiring a CRO of such calibre is a natural step in our global scaling journey as we progress towards profitability,” said company CEO and Co-founder Peter Beckman. “We quickly realised Colin was the right person to lead Treyd’s revenue operations through this next phase of expansion, and I am confident that his experience from revenue leadership in exceptional fintechs across multiple stages, together with his assured nature and all-embracing management style, will prove the perfect addition to our team here at Treyd.”

As part of his role at Treyd, Moss-Davies will work from the company’s London office help scale and unify the company’s commercial teams, align international offices, and bring new revenue opportunities.

“I am delighted to join a talented team with a great culture, very clear vision, and dedication to supporting SMEs,” said Moss-Davies. “Treyd’s ‘sell first, pay suppliers later’ service enables SMEs to sell inventory before it’s paid for, a truly beneficial service to retailers particularly during these tough trading times. My role will be focused on expanding adoption of the service in all markets and setting the organisation up for success as we scale globally.”

Treyd was founded in 2019 and pays for inventory upfront on behalf of its business clients. This frees up cashflow for small businesses to sell more of their products and ultimately promote growth. The Sweden-based company launched in the U.K. in 2022 and later that year saw a 5x increase in customer number and a 10x increase in revenue.

Treyd currently has 60 employees and has supplied $123 million (£100 million) in financing to its 600 supplier clients across five markets. The company closed a $12 million Series A extension last month, bringing the company’s total funding to over $25 million. 



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