Truck drivers doing yoga? It isn’t a stretch.

The lifestyle of the longhaul truck driver is among the most strenuous and physically punishing there is. Confined to their cabs for hour after hour, drivers must stay alert at every moment. Off road, they eat meals of questionable nutritional value at irregular hours, and struggle to get enough sleep. But there’s relief in sight: yoga. On this episode, we meet Hope Zvara, founder and chief executive officer of Mother Trucker Yoga, her venture to encourage drivers to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We learn why she was inspired to apply her experience as a yoga teacher to the world of trucking, how she got drivers to sign up, and the amazing results she’s seen, both in overall driver health and fitness, and road safety. How do you do practice yoga in a truck cab, anyway? Hosted by Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain.

Show notes:

A blog post: “How to Improve Supply Chain Logistics With Driver Fitness.”