• Paytech HUMBL unveiled its new mobile wallet this week.
  • The new offering enables users to buy, sell, and hold digital assets, and includes a search engine and a social media platform.
  • Currently available for Apple users, an Android version of the wallet is expected “soon.”

California-based paytech HUMBL is the latest company to launch a mobile wallet with more than just money in mind. The company’s HUMBL Wallet offering not only enables users to buy, sell, and hold digital assets; it also serves as a search engine and a social media platform with independently verified user profiles and brands.

“The HUMBL Wallet allows global customers to quickly search, verify, and transact with each other in new ways in the digital economy,” HUMBL CEO Brian Foote explained. “As consumers move from Web 2 onto Web 3 via HUMBL, we believe that digital wallets, as well as verified people and products, will start to become a fundamental expectation of future customers.”

The iOS version of the wallet is now available in the Apple App store in more than 140 countries. For Android users, the Wallet and the company’s social media platform HUMBL Social are currently available as separate applications in the Google Play Store and will be merged together “soon.” The company noted that it will continue to bring new capabilities to the wallet, including the ability to accept SMB/merchant payments.

The addition of a search engine in the wallet makes it easy for users to find news, images, and videos online without having to leave the platform. But the technology also provides a blockchain-based search capacity to find verified NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, BLOCKS, and more. The wallet can be used to store NFTs as well as connect to Web 3 social media platforms like Collab.Land. HUMBL Social, accessible via the wallet, offers a social media alternative that enables verified users to connect with other verified accounts.

The addition of HUMBL Social is designed to help users avoid the “fake profiles, ratings, reviews, and merchandise” of Web 2, according to Foote. Adding the problem of fake bots accounts and ad click fraud to the mix, Foote said that the HUMBL platform is designed to give online users an alternative. “The HUMBL platform is being built to help solve for those issues on Web3, using blockchain and other new technology solutions, such as KYC/KYB profile verification and decentralized blockchain registries for faster payments, goods, and services authentication,” Foote said.

Founded in 2019, HUMBL ended 2022 by raising $20 million in an equity financing agreement with GHS Investments. Also last year, the company entered into a strategic technology partnership with food delivery company Great Foods2Go, and acquired digital wallet BizSecure for an undisclosed sum.

Photo by Godisable Jacob

Source: https://finovate.com/paytech-humbl-launches-mobile-wallet/