PATSI Sends a Green Flag to Play in ‘Group of Death’: Says “We Can Do It!”

A recognized name from the CS: GO community, Spirit’s fierce and fast-paced rifles affirms taking his team to the Winning Tite at IEM Katowice!

After the epic defeat of Sprout by Spirit in the Final match of the IEM Katowice Play-in, they reserve a final place in the main event with the defeat of Danish-Romanian 2-1. It supported them in coping with the losses related to Ninjas in Pyjamas towards the upper bracket. An unexpected surprise was the positioning of the Russian team to Poland fresh off the tournament break without any prior official intimation.

PATSI Shows Confidence in Team Spirit to Qualify for the Playoff at IEM Katowice

Team Spirit eventually qualified for the main event, but a flat show with NIP leaves some ambiguity on their exact form and positions to contest in upcoming matches. In an interview with the CS:GO fame Robert Isyanov ‘PATSI’ after the successful qualifying round of team Spirit, he quoted several answers on the upcoming performances and the anticipations of how excited they are on being a part of the ‘Group of Death’ that features Natus Vincere, G2 and FaZe as the leading competitors.

T&Cs Apply, 18+ Only.

What do you want to Say about IEM Katowice Performance compared to your current aspirations?

PATSI said they constantly desired to steal the CS: GO stage as that’s what the real victory for them looked like. Gradually when the game kicked off towards the beginning of the season, Patsi and his team were skeptical about the performance. The Grayhound was not a fierce challenge, but they learned that the mental strength area needed more work after combatting NIP. This was sorted soon after they had brainstorming sessions to make it toward the playoffs in the finals.

Our team is excellent with Praccs and has been able to defend the goals with a decent 20-10, but the main issue comes up on LAN. Several young players like me are still struggling with stability.

Is it Nerves or What Exactly?

PATSI denied the Nerves as he thinks it’s mainly the communication issue that was prevalent due to lack of skills, sorting with time, thus making them more confident about achieving the goal.

What do you feel about being in Group A?

PATSI claimed that on multiple checks amongst the group, I noticed it was the group of death. There are still many milestones to be achieved to fix up all the issues on a positive note. Praccs made us confident about both our group and individual form as well.

Hopefully, things might turn down in our favor soon, said PATSI!



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