Patch 13.3 of ‘League of Legends Will make Giving Up Easier.

Riot Games shared the patch notes on the League of Legends 13.3 Update!

Though the patch release is still to figure out post-Riot Games were victim to the social engineering attack in last month.

League of Legends’ 13.3 Patch might launch as per the comprehensive update on Aurelion Sol, nerf the Umbral Glaive and the Radiant Virtue.

Patch notes state, “Umbral Glaive is currently much too effective at choking out an enemy vision for assassins, supports and marksman supports.” “We think this item deserves a spot on the roster, so we’re reducing its uptime and general ability to devastate enemy traps and vision.”

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On Radiant Virtue, Devs state, “currently overpowered, yet its strength isn’t really appreciable due to how unclear the item’s best points are,” and therefore, “making Radiant Virtue’s upsides more apparent and impactful while removing some of the extraneous power that is pushing this item a bit too far.”

In the latest League of Legends update, the dev mentioned the Ahri a Fluffier Tale and introduced new bugs. One can also sneak through the list of full patch notes here.

Riot games also simplify losing out on matches by offering the possibility of surrendering 15 minutes in the game when 4-5 players agree. Recent data also explains the comeback rates once the team fails and four of five early surrenders dip down.

Patch notes also highlight that “Teams have a generally good sense of what games they will and won’t win when four of five players are on the same page. We’ll be testing surrender thresholds that let these matches resolve more quickly. At the same time, a winning team must have time to feel powerful with a lead and games aren’t abandoned too soon. We’ll be closely monitoring player feedback and the impacts of this change.”

The Release of League of Legends 13.2 Patch was due around January 24, but it was delayed as Riot Games faced a ‘Social Engineering attack.’ Bigger features of the patch might be delayed for the 13.3 patches with a release date.

T&Cs Apply, 18+ Only.

Riot said. “We’re working to bounce back from the social engineering attack, but unfortunately, Patch 13.3 will be delayed.” They also said the details will be unveiled once we have a detailed understanding of the patch.

According to sources, the Firaxis has launched a 3-hour demo on Marvel’s Midnight Suns that’s available for the Xbox series X/S players and PlayStation 5 Plus Premium subscribers.


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