Overcome nature with Prison Architect’s Jungle Pack

prison architect jungle pack

Even though we’re coming up to seven years since Prison Architect broke out of Early Access to release on Xbox, the content keeps on coming. This time around there’s the force of nature to contend with, as Prison Architect goes totally tropical, adding in the Jungle Pack. 

The latest expansion for Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven’s prison management simulator, the Jungle Pack for Prison Architect drops crims into a lush tropical forest, as you and your wardens look to keep them behind the bars of a new jungle compound. 

Bringing with it new customisation options, wooden constructions and threats that have never been seen before, if you’re a Prison Architect player then you can find the Jungle Pack available from today – running at 2.99 USD / 2.09 GBP / 2.99 EUR on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. 

With tropical fever a constant worry, there’s a host of new stuff to involve yourself in with this Jungle Pack, including new medicines, walls and doors and even an outdoor cinema. Utilising the surroundings to create the most secure of environments will be key. 

The features to concern yourself with include:

  • It’s a prison, in a jungle! – Use your surroundings to create wooden furniture, five new flooring types (one specific for water!), one outdoor cinema plus new walls and doors: all is set to thrive in the jungle.
  • Tropical fever (and how to survive it) – Tropical fever can spread among inmates. You can fight and manage it with netted beds, fire pits, and a new, cutting-edge medical program. 
  • A different environment – In the jungle, you will find new trees, which can be farmed and sold, or chopped down for lumber. Some wood variants for guard towers, drains, etc. are also available.

With the base game of Prison Architect to hand, popping to the digital store of your choosing should see you right with the Jungle Pack – the Xbox Store will sort out the Xbox players. 

Further though is the arrival of a free update too – The Jailhouse. This brings quality of life improvements, changes to guard behaviour, changes to quick build materials, a small makeover of the deployment scheduler and the addition of Toby, a Yorkshire Terrier dog. The update also re-balances the Identity Thief reputation and other in-game effects.

DLC Description:

Jungle Pack is an aesthetic pack that sets your compound in the deep and lush tropical forest. Far from civilization, you will need to manage your inmates while dealing with the dangers of nature. Do you think you’re up for this task?

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Source: https://webfulnet.com/

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