As of Christmas Eve, I’m shutting down the desktop PC and burrowing under a pile of blankets to begin my winter holiday. But I’m not leaving my PC games behind: I’m just going to be playing them on the Steam Deck. Valve’s handheld gaming PC has given me a great excuse to play some of the older games in my Steam library this year, but it’s also made me hungry to snap up deals on games that feel perfect for the Deck. There’s no better time for that than during the Steam Winter sale, which is on now and runs until January 5.

Below I’ve collected the standout deals from our best Steam Deck games (opens in new tab) list—our top picks that are on significant discount. We also have a guide to the best deals from the 2022 Steam Winter sale (opens in new tab) in general, but not everything there is primed for portable play. Here are __ games we love on the handheld, broken down into under $25, under $10, and under $5 tiers.

2022’s best Steam Deck games on sale

Steam Deck deals under $25

Steam Deck deals under $10

Steam Deck deals under $5