OpenAI has introduced a new plugin feature for its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, that will allow it to retrieve information from online sources and interact with third-party websites. This new feature is currently in the alpha phase and will be available to a limited set of users initially, with a waitlist in place to access it. OpenAI has stated that the plugins have been designed with safety as a core principle, and they will help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run computations, or use third-party services.

The plugins that are currently available include e-commerce platforms Shopify, Klarna, and Instacart, and travel search engines Expedia and KAYAK. These plugins will enable ChatGPT to perform various tasks such as checking live scores for sporting events, booking international flights, and purchasing food for home delivery. Other plugins include the math computer Wolfram for carrying out calculations, and the business messaging app Slack, among others.

ChatGPT uses the Bing API to search for information and a text-based web browser to navigate results and interact with websites. It is capable of synthesizing information across multiple sources to provide a more grounded response and cites the sources it used so users can verify where ChatGPT derived its response from.

OpenAI has stated that the plug-in capabilities were introduced due to high demand from its user base since the firm launched ChatGPT on Nov. 30. The company is gradually rolling out plugins to assess their real-world use and to ensure safety is maintained as a core principle.

In conclusion, the new plugin feature introduced by OpenAI for ChatGPT is a significant development that will allow the AI chatbot to interact with third-party websites and perform various tasks for users. While the feature is in its alpha phase and only available to a limited set of users, the waitlist is open, and OpenAI is gradually rolling out plugins to ensure safety is maintained as a core principle. With plugins such as e-commerce platforms, travel search engines, and business messaging apps, ChatGPT is poised to become an even more valuable tool for users.

Source: https://Blockchain.News/news/openai-introduces-new-plugin-feature-for-chatgpt-ai-chatbot