OCBC Bank announced that it will be expanding its Digital Silvers programme to upskill an additional 2,000 seniors with digital banking skills.

The OCBC Digital Silvers is a one-on-one training programme for elderly customers aged 60 years and above to learn how to bank and pay digitally as well as to stay safe from scams while doing so.

OCBC will be increasing the frequency of these training workshops from twice a month to three times a week. The bank will conduct these workshops at all of its 30 branches, a step up from 10 branches in 2022.

Additionally, OCBC has also updated the programme’s curriculum to include a segment to help these seniors make fixed deposit placements digitally.

Currently, the workshops include topics such as checking one’s account balance online or making PayNow transfers.

Customers can sign up for the workshops at OCBC’s dedicated website or at the bank’s branches.

Sunny Quek

Sunny Quek

“The expanded OCBC Digital Silvers programme is our way of ensuring that everyone can keep up with the digital push. Customers can also come in for refreshers to reinforce their learning or learn more complicated digital banking functions. Such programmes demonstrate the importance and relevance of the physical branch even as digital banking becomes the new normal.”

said Sunny Quek, Head of Global Consumer Financial Services at OCBC.

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Source: https://fintechnews.sg/72259/financial-inclusion/ocbc-expands-programme-to-teach-digital-banking-to-another-2000-seniors/