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Porsche announced April 26 it would begin using low-carbon aluminum provided by Norsk Hydro to reduce the carbon footprint of the company’s sports cars. Additionally, the two sides plan on working together to eventually create a roadmap for recycling battery materials in Europe.

Hydro will supply Porsche with its low-carbon aluminum offering which has one of the lowest carbon dioxide footprints of any aluminum alloy available on the market today. The organizations said that, by 2025, Hydro will help Porsche reduce the footprint of aluminum used in future vehicle projects to 3.5kg of carbon dioxide produced per kilogram of aluminum used, a rate that is reportedly 60% lower than the average primary aluminum currently consumed in Europe.

A spokesperson for Norsk Hydro told Reuters the company will be gradually diminishing its carbon footprint for deliveries with a goal of zero emissions “for parts of the deliveries” by 2030.

“Porsche is working towards a net carbon-neutral value chain of our vehicles in 2030,” added Barbara Frenkel, executive board member for procurement at Porsche. “Aluminum and materials for battery production play a key role in our sustainability strategy. With Hydro’s aluminum, we aim to substantially reduce CO2 emissions deriving from this important material.”

Source: https://www.supplychainbrain.com/articles/37119-norsk-hydro-will-supply-porsche-with-low-carbon-aluminium