The slot machines that Aristocrat Gaming said in 2021 would help “reach tens of millions of NFL and Aristocrat fans,” will roll off the production line and into US casinos this fall. Aristocrat CEO Hector Fernandez told CNBC the event could be “industry-changing” for slots and casinos.

Aristocrat took to Twitter with a “first glimpse” of the NFL-licensed gaming machines on Thursday:

In a statement this week, NFL Senior Vice President of Consumer Products Joe Ruggiero said the NFL slots “represents an opportunity to bring the league closer to our fans in a new area.”

The idea of NFL-branded gaming machines first emerged in a 2020 deal Aristocrat struck with Allegiant Stadium and the Las Vegas Raiders, which opened the door to franchise-branded slot machines.

iconic moments and stadium fight songs.”

While Fernandez at the time denied any plans for Raiders-branded slots, his firm has now made slot machines customizable for every franchise. Customizable skins will allow gamblers to play via their favorite NFL team, complete with videos of “iconic moments and stadium fight songs.”