turbo golf racing twisted space

It’s the third season of Turbo Golf Racing, and with the arrival of new ideas comes some all-new opportunities – both free and paid – as Twisted Space takes hold. 

Available today across Xbox Game Preview, Xbox Game Pass and Steam Early Access is the third season of Turbo Golf Racing content, fronted by that of Twisted Space. It’s this which adds in a giant collection of additional features to the game, including new courses, mechanics, rewards and more. 

It’s Black Holes and revolutions that come to the fore with the arrival of Twisted Space, and should you have a copy of Turbo Golf Racing in your library – and you should, it’s great – then you’ll discover some all-new space levels, additional seasonal rewards, queues for both casual and ranked matches, the rebalancing of Power Cores and a full reset on the leaderboards and ranks. You’ll find the latter taking place as Hugecalf Studios and Secret Mode look to add in a new ratings system. 

There are forty new rewards on offer too, ten new shop items, a smattering of new avatars and additional missions. But whilst free stuff is always great, there’s also the chance to splash some cash on new DLC packs – the Space Explorer’s Galactic Ball Set and the Tech Jet Supporters Pack. The Tech Jet Supporters Pack (£2.99|$3.99|€3.99) contains eight exclusive cosmetic components which will let you build the Tech Jet car, whilst the Space Explorer’s Galactic Ball Set (£1.99|$1.99|€1.99) features seven unique celestial ball designs. You should find those packs available for purchase from platform stores today, accessible within Turbo Golf Racing’s Garage. 

The full rundown of features you need to have in mind are…

  • 40 rewards to obtain
  • Ten new space levels, spotlighting twisted gravity
  • Casual queue
  • New space lobby scene
  • Two new downloadable content packs, featuring 15 items
  • Added Trail Blazer core, increasing speed on boost pads
  • Added Off Roader core, mitigating negative terrain effects on car and ball
  • Three new space music tracks
  • Ten new shop items
  • Eight new avatars will be awarded for Season 2 rating placement
  • New missions have been added for the new cores and car bodies 

Further to all that, whilst Turbo Golf Racing is freely playable on Xbox through Game Pass, Twisted Space will also be fully playable as part of Turbo Golf Racing’s upcoming Steam Free Weekend, running from 18.00 (BST) | 19.00 (CEST) | 10.00 (PDT) on Thursday 20 April to 18.00 (BST) | 19.00 (CEST) | 10.00 (PDT) on Monday 24 April. 

If you have Turbo Golf Racing in your library, you’d be crazy not to fire it up and give it a blast over the coming days. If you don’t have it – and don’t even know what it is – then let us sell it in a few simple words – Rocket League + Golf = Turbo Golf Racing. Sold, yeah? If you need more, let us talk you through the staggering amount of potential Turbo Golf Racing has…

Just pick it up from the Xbox Store. You’ll not regret it.

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/new-free-and-paid-dlc-hits-turbo-golf-racing-with-the-arrival-of-twisted-space/